Inua jamii cash: Programme caregivers put on notice over theft

During registration of the elderly persons and disabled persons, each beneficiary must have a caregiver who plays the role of helping them in withdrawing the funds in case such a beneficiary suffers from sight, illiteracy or mobility challenges.

But it has been revealed that some caregivers withdraw the money but they end up shortchanging the beneficiaries.

As a result, some challenged adult beneficiaries end up being given less money or no money at all by caregivers after withdrawal.

The naughty group also includes caregivers with orphans who fail to provide for children who should benefit from the programme despite withdrawing funds meant for supporting them.

Homa Bay County Commissioner Moses Lilan said they had received information that some caregivers fail to issue the beneficiaries with the required amount of money after withdrawal.

Speaking at Rawinji Chief's Camp in Rachuonyo South Sub-county where he presided over registration of the Cash Transfer Programme beneficiaries, Lilan warned the caregivers against being crafty.

"We are asking the caregivers to be people of integrity. There is no way you can hoodwink a beneficiary of the Cash transfer programme," Lilan said.

The administrator said they will take punitive measures against the caregivers who steal from the beneficiaries of the programme.

"This is a government programme and everybody who should benefit from it must benefit. I warn caregivers that it will not be business as usual," Lilan said.