I will not resign, Oduol tells critics over tiff with governor Orengo

Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol at a function in May last year. Oduol has vowed not to resign from his position despite pressure from supporters of Governor James Orengo with whom he has fallen out over the management of the county affairs. [File, Standard]

Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol on Wednesday vowed he will not resign after his critics asked him to quit after falling out with his boss James Orengo.

Those against Oduol have called on him to leave if he does not agree with the way the governor is running the county government.

“I will not be intimidated by some MPs and MCAs who are threatening me and asking me to resign. These are the same people frustrating my efforts to fight corruption in the county executive,” Oduol said.

"We were elected on a joint ticket and I will not retreat just because of some few selfish people who do not mean well for Siaya," he said during an interview on a vernacular radio station.

On Saturday, chaos broke out at the funeral of the late chairman of the Siaya County Public Service Board Elijah Achoch in Alego-Usonga after rowdy youth barred Oduol from addressing the mourners.

There was pandemonium as supporters of the governor and his deputy engaged in a fistfight forcing the church to end the funeral service prematurely.

Oduol later said the funeral was disrupted because “some goons were hired to stop me from attending the funeral”.

“It was unfortunate and shameful that this happened as the governor watched and he is yet to condemn the incident," said Oduol.

Oduol, who accused the governor and his allies of advancing selfish interests at the expense of many poor residents, said further: “There is no need to shed blood in Siaya. It was not meant to be so.”

The deputy governor, who had earlier appeared before the county assembly to table what he said was evidence to support his allegations of misappropriation of public funds by the executive, accused MCAs of dragging their feet in releasing a report on the issues he raised.

"It's close to a month since I tabled the evidence as had been asked by the assembly. I am issuing a warning that if the assembly is not going to act, I will move to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission," said Oduol.

Yimbo East MCA Francis Otiato, however, said they were working on the report and will release it in the next few days.

"The committee is working on the report and I can assure the public that it will be availed to them as soon as the assembly resumes after a short recess," said Otiato.

 Oduol has accused some MCAs of advancing the rift between him and his boss. He claimed some MCAs are being paid, on a weekly basis, to attack him.

Last week, East Asembo MCA Gordon Onguru asked Orengo to take action against his deputy, accusing Oduol of a plan to distract the governor from delivering his pre-election promises to the people of Siaya.

The MCA, who has become a fierce defender of Orengo, said: “The governor means well for the people of Siaya only that his deputy is out to distract him.”

On Wednesday, Oduol who said he is ready to iron out the differences that have characterized his relationship with his boss for the last few months, claimed his privileges have been withdrawn without any explanation.

"There are privileges that I am entitled to as a deputy governor but it's unfortunate that they've been withdrawn under unclear circumstances," he said.

Oduol, who has denied claims his war with the governor is about tenders and appointments, said Orengo has the powers to end the wrangles.