Uproar as chief arrests his 76 years old mother and 10 months old baby

There was uproar at Nyalenda slums after an assistant chief reportedly arrested five family members, including his 76-year-old mother, after a family feud.

The administrator also arrested his sister and sister-in-law and her two sons aged 21 and 23.

The sister-in-law was forced to go into a cell at Kisumu Central police station during the Wednesday incident night incident, with her other child aged 10 months.

And yesterday, there was drama at the police station after the grandmother reportedly refused to leave even after she was released. She said she would not go home until the rest of the family members were freed as well.

The station’s OCS Remmy Simiyu said he was not aware the old woman spent the night there. He said they had not arrived at the station by the time he went home on Wednesday evening.

“I am not aware if the child, too, spent the night in the cells. Further, the grandmother is not under arrest. She is here in support of her children. She says she will only leave after her children are released,” he said.

He added: “They have longstanding family issues with accusations of witchcraft.”

The family, from Nyalenda A, is said to have fought over accusations of witchcraft.

The administrator is said to have arrested his sister-in-law after she fought with his wife who accused her of practicing witchcraft.

He is said to have assaulted them before taking them to the police station.

Steven Ouko, a brother to the chief, said he was not home when his wife and three children were arrested.

“It is true we have issues. My brother is trying to force us to submit to him because he is an assistant chief,” said Ouko.