Sh112m water project to ease perennial crisis in Kisumu

Kisumu has announced plans to step up extraction of water from Lake Victoria to boost supply in the city and its environs.

Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company also plans to construct a small dam on River Kajulu, its main feeder, as part of interim measures aimed at connecting up to 85 per cent of city residents.

Speaking during the launch of Sh112 million World Bank-funded water project in Riat Hills, Water and Sanitation Executive Salmon Orimba said these plans were at an advanced stage.

The project dubbed ‘Riat Output Based Aid’ is being implemented  by the Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company through the Water Services Trust Fund. It is expected increase water coverage from the current 79 per cent  to 85 per cent coverage as per the counties strategic plan 2017 - 2022.

Kisumu Governor Prof  Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o launched the project accompanied by Kiwasco  Managing Director, Thomas  Odongo and Chairman Vinod Patel.

The project will increase water supply coverage in Kanyakwar, Konya, Wathorego, Korando A, Dago, Kogony and Mkendwa area the project area having been identified on the basis of being a high potential growth area as well as being underserved and unserved. 

 Mr Orimba reiterated on his department’s commitment in increasing water supply across the county.

“For long we have been criticised over poor supply of safe water yet we have the world’s second largest fresh water reserve at our disposal. We have taken this as a challenge and we are working towards ensuring that we live up to this expectation,” he said.