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Inquest: Five officers have a case to answer in the death of Baby Pendo

Five police officers were on Thursday were found culpable for the death of Baby Samantha Pendo in 2017.

They include ex-Kisumu police commander Titus Yoma, Nyalenda police post Inspector Lina Kogei and two others.

Kisumu Senior Resident Magistrate Beryl Omolo, who presided over the inquest, ruled that the evidence indicted the police for the death of the six-month-old baby.

She also recommended charges against a platoon of 30 GSU officers who were involved in the operation.

Baby Pendo died from internal injuries after she was allegedly clobbered by officers who had broken into her parents’ house while in pursuit of residents protesting the outcome of the 2017 Presidential election.

Reports by a government analyst also indicated that the teargas canisters take over the charges.