Mandera residents urged to observe hygiene during Eid feast

Some of the resiodents wait for distribution of meat at a slaughter point. [Ibrahim Adan Ali, Standard]

Mandera’s Muslim faithfuls joined the rest of the country to celebrate the Eid al Adha.

The celebrations come amid increasing cases of cholera that have left several people dead and others in isolation centres.

Public Health official Somo Hussein said unregistered entities that are slaughtering animals in hidden places are to blame for the surge.

"Out of the five firms that are slaughtering animals in the county, only one is registered with the public health and doing it at the slaughter house," Said Somo.

He said amid the celebrations, his department has put measures in place to ensure proper hygiene top avoid more contraction of the disease.

Somo said health officials have been deployed to the slaughter centres to monitor hygiene standards before the meat is distributed to the general public.

"We have stationed all our officers at various sites where nongovernmental organizations are slaughtering animals and distributing the meat,” Somo told The Standard on phone.

Some of the undesignated sites for slaughtering animals in Mandera East during this festive season. [Ibrahim Adan Ali, Standard]

He urged the residents to be self-disciplined and take care of their health by observing higher sanitation standards.

This he said will play a key role in controlling the disease and avoiding loss of life.

His sentiments were echoed by Sheikh Mohamud Maalim who led Eid prayers at Masjidul Rowda.

Maalim cautioned against dumping animal remains and garbage at public places and along the roads as these would lead to unnecessary spread of diseases.

"We will not hesitate to report anyone dumping garbage at public places and roadsides during this festive season,” the Sheikh warned.

During such events, street vended foods, vegetables, fruits and meat top the list on feast of the sacrifice.