Wema Sepetu: I can’t live to please people

Wema Sepetu [Instagram]

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has declared that she is tired of people monitoring her love life. Speaking at an interview, Wema addressed rumors that she is in a relationship with a man identified as Davito.

Setting the record straight, Wema said that she shares a very good and respectful relationship with the said man. This was after a video of the two getting cozy went viral.

“I do not see anything wrong with the said video. We were just enjoying life with my good friend Davito. I don’t understand why people are reacting to it,” she said in part.

Wema went on to add that she cannot live to impress people. According to her, she has her own life which she can live however she pleases.

“I do not want my life to be monitored every now and then. I can’t live my life to please people or live according to their expectations of me,” she said.

Her sentiments come barely a month after she made it clear that she does not really care about what others say since her achievements are there for all to see. Speaking about fame, Wema added that her star will continue to shine regardless of her critics.

“No matter how much people will insult me, my star will continue to shine. I will be an attractive grandmother and even after I die people will still want to talk about me and listen to my stories,” she said.

Wema has been on the receiving end recently after she revealed that she has been in relationship for a while. She, however, made it clear that she will not ruin her current relationship by posting about her man or even revealing who he is.

“I am the only person who knows my boyfriend. He is mine and no one is interfering with our love,” she wrote.

Defending her choices, Wema said that she does not want to be constantly reminded of her past failed relationships every time she is having a good time with her man.

“The day you will come to see my man is after he has already paid the dowry. The process is there and I know God is going to fulfil that for me,” she added.