Firms to offer services on M-Pesa App

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa [Courtesy]

Safaricom has launched partnerships with Little and Makao that will enable M-Pesa customers access services from the two firms within the M-Pesa Super App.

Customers can access both the Little and Makao M-Pesa Mini Apps under the “Discover” option on the Super App.

“For 15 years, M-Pesa has connected millions of customers to opportunities through a wide range of financial services,” said Safaricom Chief Executive Mr Peter Ndegwa.

“Our next evolution focuses on enabling businesses to grow and scale through solutions such as the M-Pesa Super App, which empowers businesses to reach our more than 30 million customers through digital storefronts in the form of M-Pesa Mini Apps.”

The Little M-Pesa Mini App will enable customers to order for taxis, boda bodas or food from restaurants while the Makao one will enable customers to book for short-term accommodation and holiday homes across the country.

Safaricom is looking to partner with more than 100 businesses and organisations to provide their services and products as apps within the Super App.

These include all county services in the country, other government agencies, eCitizen, supermarkets and restaurants.

The M-Pesa Super App was launched in June 2021 and has had more than five million downloads in Kenya.