Misadvised? Blame it on Ruto, AG Muturi says

Attorney General Justin Muturi before the National Assembly's Housing, Urban Planning and Public Works committee to deliberate on the Affordable Housing Bill. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Attorney General Justin Muturi has revealed that his office is never consulted on some of the critical decisions made in government.

The revelation now lifts the lid on some of the embarrassing decisions made under President William Ruto.

Speaking to The Standard, Muturi however exonerated himself from blame, noting that in instances when his advice is sought, he delivered.

He, however, faulted some of the decisions made under the Kenya Kwanza administration. For instance, Muturi said his office was not consulted on the deployment of the military to the streets and the conduct of police during protests.

“The deployment of the military to the streets was done without the advice of the Attorney General. I also can’t advise the police to go and shoot innocent kids in the streets,” he told The Standard on the phone.

Muturi disclosed that he was equally shocked at the establishment of the Presidential Taskforce on Forensic Audit of Public Debt. He cited Article 229 of the Constitution which he said puts the mandate to audit public accounts to the office of the Auditor General.

“Every year, the office of the Auditor General gives a report on public accounts. To audit a public body, you have to be the Auditor General or get authority from the office. Any other method is outside of the law,” Muturi said in a phone interview.

Muturi reiterated that his office; that of Principal Legal Advisor to the President, always advises the President and all other government Ministries only when the advice is sought. “We are a State Law office and our client is government we don’t advise on suo motto (not on own accord) but when the advice is sought and that we have done. Sometimes we give some advice that some people regard as ‘a nasty advice that some people feel uneasy with but when it comes to law, there is no shortcut. For all the advice sought from us, 99.5 per cent has been taken,” noted Muturi.

In February this year, while appearing before the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC), Muturi lifted the lid on how important decisions concerning his docket like appointments of senior officers and Bills find their way to Parliament without his approval.

While making a pitch for his office to be independent, Muturi said the Public Service Commission (PSC) had been making appointments of senior officers in his office without his knowledge.