"My impeachment is politically motivated", Kisii Deputy Governor tells Senate

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda.[Sammy Omingo,Standard]

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda has denied allegations of gross misconduct which were tabled against him by Members of the County Assembly.

While appearing before the Senate on Wednesday, March 13, Monda, through his legal Counsel said the accusations are based on political indifferences between him and Governor Simba Arati.

“The accusations are beyond the character of the Deputy Governor. This is all about politics...He asked the hard questions about delivering to the people of Kisii and upon asking them, he has been brought here (Senate) for you to send him home. The house needs to know the genesis of the problems in Kisii and what is on trial,” said Wilkins Ochoki, part of Monda’s Legal Counsel.

Further, the team urged the Senate to disregard any new evidence submitted by the County Assembly, stating that it is against the law.

According to the counsel, the Kisii County Assembly through their legal representatives should have notified of the new evidence at least three days prior so that they can prepare accordingly, something they failed to do.

Among the evidence in question are videos and witness statements which Monda and his team claim to have heard of during the hearing at Senate.

“Let the case be limited to the five counts and exclude anything else that was not part of what was presented by the Speaker of the County Assembly. If you constrain us to respond to the new things, you will be taking away our rights for a fair hearing. We are seeing this for the first time as we appear before you,” argued Kigen. 

The proceedings are set to continue for two days in which the Senate will determine the proposed removal, by impeachment, of Monda.

He faces four allegations among them gross misconduct, constitutional violations, abuse of office, and breach of national laws.

His hearing comes days after 53 members of the Kisii County Assembly supported an impeachment motion tabled by Ichuni MCA Wycliffe Siocha against 17 who opposed it.

Monda's impeachment is the fourth in the 13th Parliament, and the second involving a deputy governor.