Khalwale trolled for wives, children parade

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale with his wives and three of his children. [Courtesy]

For over a decade, Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has always had a candidate either sitting the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education or Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams.

Whenever national examination results are out, Khalwale would take to social media to celebrate the excellent performance of his children.

This has always left netizens in stitches and begging the question “How many children does Khalwale have?”

On Tuesday, at a press briefing, Khalwale finally had to “bell the cat” and revealed that he had “four wives and 17 children”.

This was after recording a statement at Malinya Police Station over claims made by businessman Cleophas Shimanyula alias Toto that Khalwale might have had a hand in the death of his (senator’s) bull marshal Kizito Amukune

“My wives have been profiled. My first wife Adelaide died five years ago, and together we had three children, all copyrights of me, no doubts about their paternity,” said Khalwale while defending his wives from accusations of unfaithfulness and responding to the claims made by Shimanyula. 

“Josephine Khalwale, my second wife, is the mother to three, one completed university and two still at the university. There has not been any complaint about their paternity,” said Khalwale, adding “My third wife is Gloria and the mother of eight of my children, some at the university and others at the lower levels of their education.”

He went on: “Diana is my fourth wife and a mother of three. All the children are at the lower levels of their education. None of the children has their DNA in doubt,” adding “it was wrong for Mr Shimanyula to profile my wives as prostitutes”.

According to Khalwale, he will sue the businessman in his personal capacity. He said he will be enjoined by his three wives, children and grandchildren, saying “each one of them” will be seeking compensation for being soiled by Shimanyula.

“The public claims by Mr Shimanyula gained widespread publicity both in the mainstream and social media, where it's trending to date, causing grievous, personal and corporate injury to him and his family,” said Khalwale

Khalwale said, “I have today recorded a formal complaint with the police at Malinya Police Station and handed over the matter to my lawyers for further action”.

In a rejoinder, Shimanyula said he will still pursue justice for Amukune’s family by flying in pathologists from South Africa to conduct a third autopsy, adding “we will exhume that body and conduct another postmortem”.

“DCI at Malinya Police Station should be truthful and stop siding with Khalwale. Take me even to the Supreme Court so long justice will prevail,” said Shimanyula

Shimanyula made the allegations recently following the death of Khalwale’s bull marshal, the late Amukune. 

Shimanyula was seen in a video that went viral alleging that the senator had a hand in the death of his worker, disputing the autopsy report.

He filed a complaint with Ikolomani police to request for a second autopsy after fearing the first was not above board.

Police officers last Wednesday stopped the family from collecting the body for burial the next day, stating they needed more time to investigate and get a second opinion.

The detectives said they had received ‘‘massive complaints’’ that the deceased was killed as opposed to what was earlier reported that he had been gored by a bull.

Fresh investigation

Homicide detectives led by Martin Nyaguto visited the senator’s home for a fresh investigation.

On Saturday, Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor conducted the second autopsy at Kakamega General Funeral Parlor and confirmed that the deceased succumbed to injuries after being gored by the bull.

Amukune was bull marshal for Khalwale’s fighting bulls for over 20 years.

The 46-year-old was reportedly ‘gored’ to death on January 28 by a charged Inasio at the Senator’s Malinya home in Ikolomani constituency.

Inasio was the reigning champion of bullfighting, a title the bull acquired on January 1, 2024, after a bullfighting contest.