Germany backs Kenya's peace mission to Haiti

President William Ruto and Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz.[Photo,PCS] 

Germany has pledged support for Kenya's peace mission to Haiti and other parts of the Horn of Africa.

President William Ruto on Monday, November 20 affirmed the collaboration between Kenya and Germany after talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“On the sidelines of the “G20 Compact with Africa” conference in Berlin, I held talks with Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz who pledged to support Kenya’s mission to Haiti and peace in the Horn of Africa," said Ruto. 

Ruto had attended the G20 Compact with Africa conference, which aims at promoting private investment in the world’s poorest, but fast-growing continents.

Chancellor Scholz commended Kenya for significant contributions in terms of capacity building and support for the upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

"Kenya and Germany share strong historic ties and considerable interests, especially in trade, investment, environmental conservation, and industrial promotion.  We will build on these relations to benefit our people." 

Kenya announced its interest in heading the peacekeeping mission in Haiti in August this year which has since drawn mixed reactions from local and international communities.

Alfred Mutua who was then foreign minister said that the government had "accepted to positively consider" leading a force in Haiti and sending 1,000 police officers to train the Haitian National Police, to restore normalcy and protect strategic installations.

The United States government has backed Kenya's decision to lead the multinational force to Haiti but warned the police against violent abuse.

Additionally, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) approved the multinational security support mission that will be led by Kenya next year.

Other nations such as The Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, and Barbuda are also willing to support the country in the mission.

President Ruto who jetted out of the country on Sunday for a two-day visit to Germany and France is also expected to meet Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo during his trip.