Administrators to be trained to up delivery, says PS

Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo. [File, Standard]

The government has committed to strengthen administrative functions through training for National Government Administrators (NGAOs).

Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo said the initiative is aimed at elevating officers' capacity to provide effective, efficient and responsive services.

"We have to ensure every interaction our NGAO officers have with citizens is marked by timeliness, credible information and a genuine understanding of the needs and concerns of the respective jurisdiction," he said.

He added: "The focus is to fully go through the government's Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (Beta) plan and have our senior officers well re-tooled."

Mr Omollo spoke on Wednesday as he launched the initiative at Kenya School of Government, Lower Kabete.

He said the ministry would leverage on mutual understanding between the administrators and citizens, thus the urgent need for the NGAOs to understand the Beta plan.

The three-day session involves training Regional and County Commissioners and seeks to orient them on the government's economic blueprint.

"It is imperative that officers are empowered with the tools and insights to excel in their respective jurisdictions," Omollo said.

Omollo said the programme is one of the interventions the government has adopted to upscale the implementation structures of various government programmes.

"There is a need to enhance multi-sectoral coordination in planning, monitoring and delivery of government programmes and projects," PS said.

He reiterated the government's stance on fight against graft, warning of dire consequences for officials engaging in corruption. He said the Interior Ministry expects there would be an engagement from senior officers with other administrators below the rank to acquaint themselves with the training.

He said the training curriculum also incorporated disaster management on expected heavy rains this month. "There is also a programme in terms of the preparedness and our ability to respond to emergencies," he said.