Senator Chesang threatens to sue blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, local publication for defamation

Trans Nzoia Senator Allan Chesang.

Trans Nzoia Senator Allan Chesang has threatened to sue popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, and a local publication called the Citizen Weekly for defamation.

This comes hours after the duo published information on their platforms, linking Chesang and two other politicians to the Sh1 billion fake gold scam.

In a statement on Tuesday, August 12, Chesang's legal team has termed the allegations made in the article as 'false, malicious, reckless and without any factual foundation'.

"In the said Article, you published various allegations and concerning our Client which are wholly false, malicious, reckless, and without any factual foundation whatsoever and which have amounted to gross and blatant misrepresentations of facts and deliberate mischaracterization of our Client's conduct."

"The words used in the impugned article are in their natural and ordinary meaning, by imputation and/or by way of innuendo or otherwise meant and were understood to mean that our Client is: -A filthy person of corrupt and loose morals."

As a result, the lawmaker has demanded a public withdrawal of the statement, apology, correction, and compensation for the damages.

"You compensate our Client for the damage to their reputation, which includes any financial losses incurred as a result of this defamation, the quantum for which shall be discussed. You reimburse our Client the charges incurred in pursuing the proceedings herein."

Failure to do so, he says he will take legal action against the two parties.