Uhuru to Ruto: Why come after my family?

"I was a frequent visitor to Kabarak and Kabarnet Gardens (residences of the Second President late Daniel Arap Moi) and Muthaiga (where the third President late Mwai Kibaki resided). I was the one who as President then, initiated the visit when I felt there was a matter over which I needed to either consult them or get their perspective".

"Sometimes you leave somethings to God, do your part and go,'' said the son of the founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who on his own right ascended to power in 2012 after he was whitewashed by the Opposition candidate (Kibaki) in 2002 after Mzee Moi picked on him as his preferred successor.

"You remember (Uhuru) Project, that is what some of you in this room called me when I first ran and lost. I have had my share of losses and nasty experiences in politics for more than 40 years. I am now 62 even if some still call me kamwana (greenhorn)"

The former President cut the demeanour of a retired leader at peace, until recent events of course, with his jokes and casual outfit - his trademark long-sleeved dotted shirts from Eldoret-based Moi University's Rivatex Cotton Mills, khaki trousers and brown Safari boots.

Uhuru was a man at home, even joking that he would have preferred that the meeting took place at his new ranch in Transmara. "As you can see, here (his Caledonia home right next to State House) is still under construction. Next time I will invite you to Masailand then slaughter a bull for you. But for now, I don't stay here, I just come and go. The same to Mama (his wife and former First Lady Margaret)."

President William Ruto. [PCS]

"In hindsight, imagine if (2019) Corona came (and shut down the country) with Raila fighting us!" the former President who was regaling with laughter upon some of his reflections in office, said.

But he quickly paused, looked around the room packed with more than 20 editors and retorted: "You asked if I feel like a hunted man, I hate those terminologies. But my answer is I don't exactly feel so. I can say I am more baffled. What reason do they have (to go at me)?"

Still, on the delicate matter of his acrimonious falling out with Ruto, Uhuru hilariously stoked the unpleasant memories of his days at The Hague where faced trial together with his successor, after the contested 2007 elections and the subsequent bloodletting. "I did not want to go back to ICC. I had been there. I knew every cell, where you will not be told not to sit. No, I did not want to go back there, and neither should anyone (meaning any other Kenyan)".

After a pause, his eyes lit up he chuckled: "I knew every corner; where to get the best sandwich, beer and where the smoking corners were". Interestingly, at The Hague, he sat on the suspect benches with Ruto, a man Uhuru now perceives as gleefully presiding over the torment of the larger Kenyatta Family.

"I am sure all of you in this room would rush to defend your children if they are under attack. I did what any father would do. They came in a foreign-plated vehicle, and presented no papers, just quoting "orders from above".

He explained that on that Friday evening last week his son Jomo called him to say he had unidentified security guests demanding that he opens up for them. "He called me and shared the CCTV footage. The guys sent were even junior to my head of security but they were insistent they be let in. I said no and drove there."