Muslims to start fasting for Ramadhan

Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar and the most sacred month in Islamic faith. [iStockphoto]

"Water and security are vital to Muslims at this time. The government should ensure the safety of Muslims offering prayers (Taraweigh) during night hours," said Khalifa.

Recently, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndungu announced that the faithful would not pay taxes for dates imported during Ramadhan.

Ndungu said the government had approved the duty-free importation of dates. This applies to dates imported and cleared at the port of Mombasa between March 13 and April 30.

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) Coast chairman Sheikh Muhdhar Khitamy it was a great relief to the Muslim community who consume three dates during breaking of fast (Iftar) following the example of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

"Dates for Ramadan have traditionally played a significant role in the Muslim community and have also become a staple food for them. They are not only delectable, juicy treats with spiritual meaning, but are also an excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants and health advantages," he said.

He added that dates for Ramadhan are ideal during fasting from dawn until dusk and help replenish energy.

"Muslims should use the holy month in offering more prayers. We urge businessmen to reduce the costs of food. We fast in order to feel the pain of hunger that will enable us to understand poverty and assist the less fortunate," said Khitamy.