Two people arrested for allegedly shooting live adult content

When a group of 25 teenagers were arrested in Kakamega after they were found shooting pornography at the Maraba Estate. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Jane was desperately looking for employment when the call that promised to change her life came.

The 23-year-old mother of one is a trained secretary who had been job hunting for over one year since she secured a diploma in secretarial studies.

On the evening of February 18 when the friend called and informed her of a job vacancy in Nairobi, Jane was overjoyed.

The following morning, she left her home in Kirinyaga County heading to Nairobi where she was to start the job immediately.

Jane and the friend, who was to help in securing the job met at Roysambu and immediately proceeded to a house in Hunter’s area of Mwiki where Jane was to start work the following day.

In a two-bedroom apartment, Jane and seven other girls of her age gathered to be briefed by their employer.

The employer was a 23-year-old diploma in Film production graduate and his girlfriend also aged 23.

It is inside this prestigious flat that Jane and her other desperate job seekers would spend over a month doing what was way far from their area of training.

Jane and her friends had been recruited into an international sex and pornography syndicate that would do live streaming of pornography to clients overseas.

And as Jane would later learn, all the seven girls in this house were desperate job seekers who had been lured from their rural homes with a promise for jobs in the city.

However, mid-last week police detectives from the Kasarani DCI burst this syndicate that has been preying on desperate youths to recruit them into the porn production racket.

Kasarani DCI boss Jimmy Kimaro said the leaders of this illicit sex and pornography racket had been praying on desperate youths.

“We managed to arrest the man and woman who recruited the girls and also confiscated the electronic equipment that they were using to record pornographic videos “

“The suspects have been filming the girls and then live-stream the videos to clients abroad “said the DCI boss.

Among the items recovered from this house include sex toys, laptops and video cameras which were used to capture the images.

Police investigations have revealed that the desperate girls were made to act porn as they are recorded. The videos are then wired to clients in America and Middle East who then pay the content.

It is after the two suspects, now already in police custody, make their money that they pay the girls that they recruited to act.

Each of the girls had been receiving receiving a daily stipend of Sh 1000 from the owners of the illicit business.

Two weeks after Jane and her colleagues joined the network, their employer turned hostile after clients abroad delayed to pay for their subscription of the videos  that they had produced.

Some of the clients too had complained that some of the girls were not beautiful enough and so would satisfy their customers' aesthetic needs.

Police say it is such complaints that made the employer start mistreating some of the girls. He would now and again whip them and deny them food.  That elicited talk which spread to the police who got wind of the syndicate.

Last Monday, the investigators stormed into the home and arrested the home owners and rescued the girls who have since recorded statements with the police.

According to the girls, their 'employers' had not allowed them to leave the house. That ensured no suspicion would emerge among the neighbors.

The girls were also forced to adjust their life to align with the guidelines of this illicit trade.

For instance, the girls were required to go to bed at 5 am after spending hours on the cameras recording the videos.

They were again required to wake up at 2pm after which they would resume their video shooting session again at 3pm until Mid-night when they would take a break.

During this period, the girls were not allowed to have their mobile phones.

The justification for this was to stop them from taking videos and minimize leakage of the activities in this house.

When The Standard team visited the house in Kasarani yesterday, neighbors said they were not aware of what had been happening in the neighborhood until the police stormed earlier in the week.

“We didn’t know who owns this place but we had seen many girls coming in one night. We thought that there was a party “said Mary Wainana a neighbor in the Kasarani estate.