Journalist Moses Omusolo's death came after meeting to plan his wedding

The late Moses Omusolo. He was found dead along Kangundo Road on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. 

Police are reviewing CCTV footage in efforts to unravel the death of Standard Group journalist Moses Omusolo, as details of his last movements emerged.

Omusolo, 35, whose body was recovered in a trench on Thursday morning, had left his fiancée’s home in Komarock the previous night when he was attacked by unknown people.

The business reporter had attended a meeting at the home to plan for his upcoming wedding and was heading to a relative’s home near Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

Details of his last moments are contained in statements recorded by Kayole DCI officers.

Kayole DCI boss Jackson Owino said police had obtained CCTV footage from a building close to where Omusolo’s body was found and are keen to establish details of two vehicles that were seen driving by the scene.

One of the vehicles was spotted at the scene at around 11.30pm and was stationary for about 15 minutes before driving off.

This vehicle was a Nissan matatu that did not have a yellow line, according to the investigators.

The second vehicle, a grey Mazda Demio, was spotted in the area for about five minutes after 11.30pm on Wednesday night.

“We hope to crack this matter soon; we will cover all angles,” said Mr Owino.

James Omusolo, a brother to the journalist, also shared details of the deceased’s last movements.

He said his brother, the firstborn son in a family of six, had great plans of starting a family with his girlfriend whom he had been dating for over a year.

The love birds had been planning their wedding scheduled for February for over six months, James said.

The two families had held meetings and agreed on all details.

On the fateful night, Omusolo left the fiancées house in Komarock at around 10pm.

Ordinarily, he would have requested for an Uber taxi home but on this night he may have decided otherwise.

According to phone data analysis, the deceased spoke to the relative whose home he was heading to at around 9.30pm.

According to James, Omusolo wanted to brief the relative on the final plans of the wedding. He also intended to spend the night at his home.

The relative, who lives along Kangundo Road, had travelled to Nakuru for personal errands and returned home a few minutes after 9.30pm.

At around 10.30pm, the relative called Omusolo to find out why it had taken him long to arrive at his house, but his phone was off.

There was no reason for the relative to panic and thought that the phone had run out of power.

The following morning, the relative called James to find out if Omusolo had another number since he could not be reached on the number known to him.

James informed the relative that Omusolo had only one mobile number known to the family.

It was agreed that they would continue calling the number until they reached him. James said hopes of finding his brother alive were, however, shattered by a call from the Standard Group management that informed him of his brother’s demise.

Sam Njogu, the acting Business Editor at Standard Group, mourned Omusolo as a diligent and dedicated reporter.

“He was a diligent reporter who was dedicated to his work,” he said.

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