New fuel prices in Kenya as EPRA announces rise

Fuel prices in Kenya have risen by Sh9.90, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has announced.

In Nairobi, a litre of Petrol will go for Sh144.62, Diesel (Sh125.50) and Kerosene (Sh113.44).

EPRA said the prices will be in place between April 15 and May 14, 2022.

The regulator said the Sh9.90 rise in price factors in the fuel subsidy programme by the Government.

EPRA said that the prices would have been higher had the Government not intervened.

For instance, a litre of Petrol in Nairobi would have sold at Sh173.70; Diesel (Sh165.74) and Kerosene (Sh139.89).

New prices: Key towns in Kenya

In Mombasa, a litre of Petrol will go for Sh142.36; Diesel (Sh123.26) and Kerosene (Sh111.19).

In Kisumu, a litre of Petrol will retail at Sh145.02; Diesel (Sh126.20) and Kerosene (Sh114.16).

In Nakuru, a litre of Petrol will go for Sh144.14; Diesel (Sh125.33) and Kerosene (Sh113.29).

In Eldoret, a litre of Petrol will sell at Sh145.03; Diesel (Sh126.22) and Kerosene (Sh114.17).

In Kisii, a litre of Petrol will retail at Sh145.90; Diesel (Sh127.08) and Kerosene (Sh115.05).

EPRA Director-General Daniel Kiptoo said higher landed cost of petroleum products has resulted in the price hike.

Addressing the press at EPRA Headquarters in Upperhill, Nairobi on Thursday, April 14, Kiptoo said the per cubic unit of landed petrol rose by 24.7 per cent; Diesel (24.7 per cent) and Kerosene (11.84 per cent).

In February 2022, the per cubic metre of landed Petrol cost $676.40 (Sh78,140). In March, that rose to $814.85 (Sh94,137).

Similarly, a cubic metre of landed Diesel rose from $677.31 (Sh78,248) in February 2022 to $844.57 (Sh97,571) in March.

The landed cost of a cubic metre of Kerosene rose from $619.57 (Sh71,577) in February 2022 to $692.95 (Sh80,054) in March.

“The Government will utilise the petroleum levy to cushion customers from the unusually otherwise high prices,” said Kiptoo.

EPRA announced that ten oil marketing companies have been issued with show cause letters for abetting the nationwide fuel crisis.

Kiptoo says they are under investigation for economic sabotage.