Jubilee de-whips three MCAs from House committees, leadership posts

The three who were de-whipped from House committees and leadership positions are Nominated MCA Mary Wanjiru, Kamau Thuo of Karura Ward and Kariobangi South's Robert Mbatia

"We have information that some of Azimio members from the Jubilee Party have continued to work and vote against the Azimio coalition position including attending Parliamentary group meetings of UDA held in State House on various dates," Kioni said.

The Majority Whip confirmed that he received the letter from Jubilee indicating the three members had gone against the party's book of rules.

"We will take the necessary actions as per our standing orders, they will lose the committees which they seat in on behalf of the party and the Speaker will communicate on the same," Ogeto explained.

"This is the harshest disciplinary action that is why we tell members to be loyal to their parties, we don't like doing that but when it dedicates that's how the party will act," he added.

Ogeto, however noted that the ejected MCAs can appeal the decision before the party which will decide if they are innocent and fit to take back committees or other House leadership positions.

It is understood that Kioni was allowed to eject the three MCA's last week and other measures are being considered to instill discipline in Azimio.

Ogeto noted that following the complaints raised by the Jubilee Party, their case was treated as serious misconduct.