Police commander's son shoots himself dead

A police commander's son shoots himself dead [The Standard]

A police commander's son has shot himself dead at his parent's home in Chereni area, off Kangundo road, in Nairobi, police have confirmed.

According to a police report at Mawe Mbili police post, Samson Kariuki (13) shot himself on the left side of the head with the bullet exiting on the right side.

The report indicated that the North Eastern Deputy Regional Police Commander, Patrick King'ori had left his jericho pistol of serial number 44330995 on a couch in his sitting room for a short call before the unfortunate turn of events.

Minutes later, however, King'ori and his wife Judy Muchiri heard a gunshot from their son's bedroom.

"As King'ori was talking to his wife, they heard a gunshot sound emitting from one of their son's bedroom. The room was locked from inside. King'ori, with the help of wife broke into their son's bedroom to find their son had shot himself," reads the police report.

Police have since processed the scene and launched investigations into the matter.

"The gun is being withheld by the police pending a ballistic expert's analysis with 29 rounds and one spent cartridge," reads the report.

The body of the deceased has been moved to Kenyatta university mortuary pending postmortem.