Kitany wants Senator Linturi to provide for children

Marianne Keitany

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s estranged wife, Marianne Kitany has gone to the Children’s Court seeking to have joint maintenance of her four children.

Through Lawyer Danstan Omari, Ms Kitany (pictured) wants the court to order Mr Linturi to release personal belongings to her and the minors.

Kitany claims Linturi acquired parental responsibility over her children.

Absconded responsibility

“Since the separation of our relationship, Linturi has absconded his parental responsibility despite being aware that it is a joint venture,” she said.

Kitany insists she has been married to Linturi since April 2014 through customary law. “Linturi's children are aged, 23, 18 and eight years,” she said.

Kitany, on the other hand, has four children, one of them being 22 years old.

She said the minors required schools fees, maintenance and parental care.

Kitany wants the court to order joint custody on interim basis.