Hotelier William Osewe stable after successful operation

Hotelier William Osewe.

Nairobi, Kenya: Hotelier William Osewe is in stable condition after a bullet that was lodged in his back was successfully removed.
Doctors said three bullets that hit Osewe in a shooting incident did not injure any body organ.
The bullet that was lodged in his back did not touch the spine as earlier thought, a doctor and member of the family said.
"He will leave the hospital soon. He was successfully operated on and the bullet that had lodged near his back removed," said a member of the family.
Osewe was shot and seriously wounded in a confrontation with his friend Tom Oywa Mboya near Roasters Inn, along Thika Road, Nairobi.
Mboya was scheduled to face attempted murder charges yesterday as police continue to probe the incident.
Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi said Osewe was not armed at the time of the incident despite him being a licensed firearm holder.
"His gun has not been mentioned anywhere. The firearm mentioned is the one of the man in our custody and that is why he would face attempted murder charges," said Mboloi.
The shooting was triggered after Osewe accused Mboya of having an affair with his wife. Osewe who owns the K'Osewe Ranalo Foods is a longtime friend of Mboya who is also an hotelier and tour agent.
Witnesses have told police that the two exchanged harsh words when they bumped into each other at Hagon fish restaurant near Rosters along Thika road.
"Osewe walked in and found the other man eating. He began shouting at him, asking him what it is the man and his wife were planning," said a waiter.
Mboya drew his Ceska pistol and threatened to shoot. Osewe dared him but Mboya ran out with the hotelier in hot pursuit, after running for about 50 meters, Mboya opened fire and hit Osewe near the chest, stomach and hand.
One of the bullets also hit and seriously wounded a guard at the premise.
Osewe lay writhing on the road but was soon rushed to a nearby AAR clinic and then taken in an ambulance to Aga Khan hospital.
In 2014 Mboya reported at Nairobi Area DCI offices that Osewe had accused him of having an affair with his wife and threatened him.
Doctors said that one bullet may have hit Osewe's spine and he risks becoming paralysed.
Mboya drove to Kasarani police station after the incident, reported the shooting and surrendered his gun. He was arrested.
Police are also investigating if Mboya's gun was licensed. The police denied him a firearms license three times in the past.
This brings afore the question of ownership of guns in the country amid claims of corruption at the firearms licensing bureau. Past reports have suggested corruption and collusion in the issuance of the weapons. There are thousands of guns that are fraudulently obtained by some owners.