City businessman Bryan Yongo arrested over claims of threatening to kill associate

Controversial Nairobi businessman Bryan Yongo has been arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill his business associate Jacob Juma.

Mr Yongo and four other men were arrested outside Mr Juma's apartment in Westlands on Saturday night after he allegedly issued the threats.

Police said they recovered a pistol with 22 bullets from Yongo, a licensed gun holder.

The complaint was recorded in the Occurrence Book under number OB 36/8/11/2014.

Yongo said he was changing a flat tyre on his car when armed officers arrested him.

"My car had a puncture at the place and I was changing it when they arrested me," he said Yongo.

But police said there was no car at the site. They said Yongo had called and sent text messages to Juma, saying he would kill him over their business disagreements.

"He and the four men will appear in court to face charges of preparing to commit a felony. We also recovered a weapon from him," said officers at the Gigiri Police Station.

Watching football

According to Juma, he was watching football at his apartment at 7pm when he stepped out and saw Yongo and the four near his house.

"Yongo had called two of my friends and sent a message to me saying he would kill me and when I saw him there I knew he was serious and my life was in danger," said Juma.

He added that he called the police who arrived and arrested the four outside his house.

Juma said Yongo was furious because he was getting his money from the controversial payments of the National Cereals and Produce Board tender.

Police said they also intended to charge Yongo with alleged misuse of his weapon at his home in Kitsuru, Nairobi, on July 2.

Police had ordered Yongo to surrender his pistol after alleged misuse, but he declined and moved to court where be obtained an order stopping the authorities from confiscating it.