Plane crash report: Civil authority steers clear on who to blame for plane crash

The aircraft that crashed in the Aberdares on June 5 killing 10 people did not have any flight or voice recording devices.

A preliminary report into the accident also shows that a device that was supposed to alert the control tower failed to deploy when the Cessna 208B crashed.

But even as the revelations emerged yesterday, the crew of the ill-fated flight were said to have failed to adhere to 'advisories' issued by the control tower when they changed route to land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport instead of Wilson Airport.

However, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Director General Gilbert Kibe would not explain the nature of the advisories.

“I cannot decisively tell what was said to the crew; that information lies with the investigating body,” said Captain Kibe, adding that it would be premature to start pointing fingers.

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The information Kibe was referring to could help answer the question why the two pilots were travelling at 11,000 feet above sea level and ended up hitting a peak that is 2,000 feet higher while cruising at 289 km/h and in a straight line.

However, verbal instructions on the change of flight paths could be confirmed because the plane did not have gadgets to corroborate the information.

“Neither recorder was required by the Kenya Civil Aviation regulations,” reads part of the report.

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