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Man sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing neighbour's cow

A man has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing his neighbour’s cow.

Robert Kipkemoi Tirop from Chepsir sub-location in Kipkelion East constituency was handed the sentence after he pleaded guilty to killing the dairy cow, valued at Sh70,000, belonging to Bernard Kikwai on October 6.

The prosecution told the court that the complainant’s cow, which was on heat, broke out of his farm and strayed into the accused's compound in search of a bull.

The accused then killed the animal with a machete.

The complainant told the court that when he realised his prized cow was missing, he went in search of it and found it lifeless on his neighbour’s farm.

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“I was shocked to find my cow had been slashed to death and reported the matter at Chepseon Police Station,” said Mr Kikwai.

Four photographs tabled in court as evidence revealed the brutal manner in which the cow was killed. The animal's hind legs, as well as its neck, had been slashed.

In mitigation, Tirop stated he would not apologise to his neighbour because he had never seen or heard of a cow leaving its owner’s compound in search of a mate.

He told the court he knew what he was doing and that before his arrest, he had intended to burn the carcass.


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