Are we ready to bury our culture yet?

A  P. H. A. T (Pretty Hot and Thick) woman in Africa was a privilege and an honor. Back in the day, you could turn heads and break necks by simply walking past a man. It must have felt good to be PHAT and be comfortable. Now all young people are watching people telling stories on T. V about how successful that liposuction or plastic surgery was a success.

We have let them 'civilized ' countries, who by the way support equity in marriage dictate what is perfect and right.

The infamous Kim. K family which has it all keeps some of us glued for the latest trends in fashion and a lot of bla bla bla. Now everyone wants to get that liposuction to look like Kim Kardashian who looks like a doll. I give her five years and then you'll see how scary aging can be.

I love my momma just the way she is, PHAT. In her 40s now, she still looks awesome! Now you try living the Kim. K way and you'll age faster than I can say Hallelujah!!

Fast foods have made us ladies forget our place in the kitchen. Even boiling water is too much work because well who will wash the scum off that sufuria. Your manicure or pedicure will come off and it was so damn expensive.

Bending over to wash clothes is troublesome, some girls would rather do that with someone enjoying all the action behind them.

Having a thousand and one boyfriends is such a trendy thing to do because girls want to kiss so many frogs. It's as if for you to be married you have to show experience. I sometimes wish I was born during our parents' days.

I hope that we shall not also conform to 'marriage equality' whatever that means anyway. No man shall look at another and say damn!! I would like to marry that lass. The Bible does not entertain that and neither should Africans.

They are super powers and we are the developing or underdeveloped lot in terms of economy. Instead of focusing on being among the super powers economically, we are conforming to their ‘uncivilization’ in terms of morals. I think we as Africans think we cannot beat them thus joining them but even so can't we join them in developing our economy instead of disregarding our rich African values?

Leave that E channel and watch Auntie boss or Machachari.

Be proud of your culture and your people. Leave the ‘civilized’ ones alone and always remember you can only be the best version of yourself.