Know your body type and train it right

An American psychologist, William Sheldon popularised the idea that our body types are categorised into three groups; ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. These body types are preset in our genes and all you can do is find how to maintain your type.

Are you an ectomorph?

·         They tend to be slender and tall with very little excess fat and difficulty in building muscle.

·          Ectos stay lean despite their appetites. They seem to eat anything but the kitchen sink but they hardly gain extra body fat. Their fast metabolisms allow them to process carbohydrates with ease.

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·         Most ectos fear that exercise will make them skinnier. However, being skinny does not necessarily translate to being fit.

What ectos should do to stay fit:

·         Avoid long runs since they may wear their muscles down. Cardio sessions should be minimum.

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·         Strength training should be a top priority for ectos since they have trouble packing up muscle. Balance exercises accompanying strength training will yield more favourable results.

Are you a mesomorph?

·         They lose weight and build muscle easily.

·         They look well-built without setting foot in a gym.

·         Building muscle too easily makes mesos worry about getting all buffed up with little exercise.

What mesos should do to stay fit:

·         Stretching should be an integral part of their work out routine. Stretching will help in toning muscles, lengthening them to appear less bulky.

·         About 20 minutes of cardio exercise per day is good enough to keep a healthy heart. It is important for mesos to do full body workouts. Overworking in one area will easily result in uneven muscle tone.

Are you an endomorph?

Many of us find ourselves here.

·         Endos gain fat easily and struggle to build muscle.

·         They have to work hard to maintain a healthy weight range and stay committed to a workout routine.

·         Endos need to lose fat everywhere to notice a reduction around the waistline.

Despite all the hard work needed, it is flattering that during evolution, it is said that natural selection favoured people with considerable fat storage mechanisms.

What endos should do to stay fit:

·         Endurance training is a good option to burn fat. 30 -40 minutes of cardio training for 5 days a week should keep the fat regulated. Gradually incorporating more challenging exercises will ensure that fitness improves.

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