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During the holidays, when I had plenty of time and so little to do, I decided to sit through the new Kevin Hart’s Netflix show ‘Don’t F***k It Up’.

Now, I am not much of Kevin Hart fan, but I do love his brand of stand-up comedy. I was particularly interested in the episode where he addresses cheating on his then pregnant second wife; the gorgeous model Enico.

Never mind that he lost his first marriage after continually cheating on his wife, but I digress. I started watching the episode with some skepticism and judgement towards the man but by the time I was done, I had to admit that there is a reason why Kevin is the man he is.

He is a little man in stature but a giant in everything else, especially now that he has conquered movie production in Tinsel town, a place where men like him (read black) don’t often ace it. He has an inimitable work ethic and more importantly he has found his tribe.

There are always four men with him; his best friends. He will not go on any live show or TV interview without them.

Many may think they are groupies or just in it for his fame, but no, they are truly his tribe. They were all friends before he hit pay dirt. And today, they play various roles around him. And when news of his cheating on his pregnant wife hit the waves, they formed a shield around him as he sorted out his mess. And when he got into the tragic road accident a few months ago, a death bed knocking experience, his affairs run like he wasn’t out of commission.

Do you have a tribe? I believe that 2020 should be when you find yours. No, I don’t mean people who speak the same mother tongue as you. I mean ‘your people’; the people who will stand by you no matter what you do.

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That doesn’t mean they won’t call you out on bad habits, no…But they will hold your hand through your struggles. You will never walk alone.  

You don’t need that many people in your tribe; just people who truly see you for who you are and love you nonetheless. But you also have to be this kind of friend to them too.

I hope you have a wholesome decade.  

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