All good husbands are feminists

From my simple observation, some men, most men really, think the word ‘feminist’ is an insult.

And every time anyone calls me that, I am deeply flattered, smile and say ‘thank you’.

Just earlier in the week, a colleague was going on and on about how powerful a woman is.

And when I told him that I was impressed that he is a feminist, he shrank away, saying that I should call him anything but that.

And that is when I learnt that many think of the word as a demeaning one.

That a feminist hates men and their sole purpose in life is to crush a man’s testicles as they victoriously hold his bleeding heart in their talons hands.

And so I was at pains to explain the real meaning of the word.

A feminist is someone who believes that both men and women should have equal opportunities. That simple.

So why wouldn’t everyone be a feminist?

It should come naturally, unless you think that women should be denied opportunities simply because they happen to have a different set of genitals from the men.

And no, it is not a competition between the sexes. Biologically we are different. A man has more testosterone thus bigger muscles and a woman more estrogen and thus can carry life within her.

Both beautiful and different functions and none that should be used to mean one is lesser than other.

A feminist is not to be confused with a misandrist; who is someone heavily prejudiced or has a strong dislike for men.

I am a feminist, and I love men clearly as I am married to a man I love and respect.

And here is why I want my daughters to find themselves a feminist man.

He will not limit who they are. He will believe in their abilities as much as he would believe in any man and respect their choices and opinions as equals.

He will appreciate their strengths as women and not be intimidated by their successes.

He will be secure in himself as a man, and they will support each other as a team.

So don’t be insulted when you are called a feminist. It is a great thing to be.

Unless you are a misogynist, which in that case, you need a long deep session with a therapist.

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