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Esther Arunga saga

By | Published Fri, February 19th 2010 at 00:00, Updated Fri, February 19th 2010 at 00:00 GMT +3

By Charles Otieno

Even as a schoolboy at Starehe Boys’ Centre, Nimrod Omondi mesmerised not just with his jazz skills but lively performance in Alice in Wonderland.

Now Pulse brings you the ‘wonderland’ to occult- nature that his dream has become. As they say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its probably a duck!

Outside, the house built in Texan stucco style, two storeys tall, whitewashed and with scenic little floral arrangements all appears calm.

A tree that sways in the cool breeze shows no signs of the strange on-goings that have been rocking its interiors.

The fair and comely former TV queen Esther

Arunga has been holed up with jazz star Joseph Hellon in this plush home at Runda for months– ostensibly running a Church. The Finger of God Ministries (yes that’s the name), which was formed three years ago, has hitherto attracted top celebrities including Debbie Asila, Big Kev, Wilson Malaba, Angela Ndambuki, Angela Mwandada and Odada Okello who was a youth pastor, among others. We understand Big Ted attended a few meetings in the Finger Of God Ministries and opted to remain in his old church. Almost a year ago, Esther joined the congregation and duly moved into Hellon’s house.

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A few other newscasters almost joined the church. All has been run smooth and no one was suspicious of the church which has been growing fast steadily. In the last three years it had attracted 500 members. It is at this church that Wilson Malaba met Esther Arunga and the two soon became an item. After dating for one year– with Esther operating from Hellon’s house throughout– they got engaged.

A few weeks ago Wilson went public about their upcoming wedding in April. A week later one of the girls living in Hellon’s house took off from the house. She would later narrate to youth pastor Odada Okello how Hellon; the senior pastor; was not only mentoring them but involving them in sexual acts.

Alarm bell rang and Okello called Esther’s fiancÈ- Malaba informing him of the transgressions.

"Odada called me and told me that he had been informed that Hellon was engaging in sex with the girls at his residence. I decided to call Esther and requested her to leave the house immediately," says Wilson.

As soon as he was done with the conversation with Esther, Hellon called him, immediately informing that he had been suspended from Church alongside Odada and another member named Mark Bichache.

The Runda home where Hellon and his wife Kuyu shared with Esther and other faithfuls.

"He was abusive and warned us of dire consequences and sent me a text claiming that I killed his son two years ago," said Wilson.

A disappointed Wilson showed us text messages sent to him by Hellon, which read: Benny Hinn and I have been talking and the Lord has revealed these things through our talks. Your wedding is nullified. You can’t fight against the Lord and succeed!

Another read: You are hereby banned from church and from our compound. Breach of this will lead to your arrest. Watch out for the Lord has found you out and is now fighting you himself! You sacrificed my boy last year but one. You have a wife in South B with 2 kids. You’ve spoken to Zahra so as to sacrifice Esther through a road accident. You’ve been demanding for sex from Esther. You have her logbook. You’ve been asking her to demand 500k that she put in people music and to sell her shares to you at the spa!

Wilson sued Hellon for the above false texts and was arraigned in Kibera court. He was released on cash bail of Sh20, 000.

Hellon admitted that he sent the texts to Wilson.

"Yes, I nullified his wedding and he got angry," admitted Hellon in a telephone interview.

The fallout was triggered when Wilson asked Esther to leave Hellon’s Runda residence but she would have none of that; opting instead to end her long time relationship with Wilson.

"Hellon lied and he knows that his wife had a still birth and I don’t have a wife or kids," explains Wilson.

"Esther has even been urged to leave the house by the family and has remained steadfast. In fact her parents are worried about her," he adds.

But Esther denies that saying that she had lunch with her mother on Monday at Sarit Centre and that she is in touch with her other family members.

"My parents know that since March I have lived with Hellon who is a distant relative. I’m 30 years old and I can live where I want. In fact I have left my job because of another better opportunity," she reiterated.

Esther dismissed the allegations saying that she dumped Wilson who is now crying foul. "I just broke off the engagement and he is running all over the place spreading malicious rumours. I have broken another engagement in the past with another ex, so what’s the big deal here?" she posed.

It is alleged that the plot thickened when a certain Quincy joined the church and claimed he was organising Joseph Hellon / Euro Jazz Tour sponsored by Pepsi worth millions. Secret emails also reveal that Hellon was also promised a Jaguar and a jet sometime between now and next year. For Hellon to get all the cash and riches, Quincy was to appear in four of Hellon’s videos, which were released recently. The videos are already reportedly playing in certain TV stations.

Our investigations also revealed emails purportedly from USA pastor Benny Hinn to Hellon urging him to include Quincy in his church committee. The e-mail messages insist that Quincy must always preach before Hellon takes over the pulpit. Another email purportedly from renowned and top selling musician Whitney Houston to Hellon claims that the singer is powerless without Quincy who was her ex-boyfriend.

The purportedly email from Whitney Houston to Hellon read in part: I know you’re serving some powerful thing and I do serve mine too which I think is also all-powerful man. Quincy was almost joining the core of the brotherhood by Jan 25th and you distorted everything. Without him I got no power. Man do me a favour, I need him back and you got US$10,000.

Further Pulse search also came across a copy of a logbook where reportedly Quincy bought a car from a certain Mr Michael Thuo but was unable to pay a balance of Sh50, 000. Consequently, Quincy was not handed the logbook.

The shadowy Quincy Zuma Wambiti Timberlake or just Quincy Timberlake aka Pizzle Dogg was ostensibly supposed to record five songs with the late K-Rupt according Internet sources. He disappeared after K-Rupt’s death only to re-appear.

Wilson told Pulse that Esther has been brainwashed by Hellon and has even taken up the singer’s name. "Esther has disowned her family and has even changed her name to Veronica Hellon," he claims. We are trying to bring her back to her senses," he adds. But Esther refutes the claims saying that Veronica is just their house help.

" I‘ve not changed my name. I’m Esther Arunga," she maintained.

Another email from Benny Hinn read: I see Esther becoming a prominent personality in your government. I like her maturity in live chat, surely she deserves a man and that’s the special gift for her now.

Apostle, disband church until 100 days… change venue.

Pulse understands that the church is indeed a 100-day break since February 11 as ordered by the televangelist.

Another mails yet from the televangelist strangely ordered Hellon to keep off from a certain brand of soda besides informing Hellon that the televangelist intended to kill Wilson though him.

And a supposedly mail chat between Benny Hinn and Hellon went:

Pastor: Great, we are out to kick butts and anuses

Me: In Jesus name no butt will be spared?

Finally, the email between Benny Hinn and Hellon that made Esther leave her job goes like this: My daughter Esther is seated at my table looking beautiful and happy. Dad I feel she shouldn’t go back to KTN and I have told her already. Kindly advice?

Give my wife a beautiful Hebrew name…

Apostle first of all from now on, Kuyu becomes Vineyard Hellon…. Tell Esther to go nowhere for Wilson. That girl loves Quincy no doubt about it and her love is clean but Quincy is being careful to fulfil my commands. I command him to care for Esther no more no less. Agape and Sam goes nowhere but let me study Pauline closely. Ask her to delete Wilson numbers.

As the drama continues there is no doubt for some caught in the thick of things life has surely turned hell-on earth!

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