Nairobi fire brigade not ready for blazes

Monday’s fire where the Administration Police camp at Nairobi’s Community area was razed down showed the Nairobi City Council is still unprepared to handle disasters.

The arrival of the council’s fire engine almost an hour after the fire broke out was infuriating.

Coming only a few months after the Nakumatt inferno, we expected the fire department to have improved its preparedness.

However, the rapid response by the G4S fire fighters was laudable. Although they were unable to put out the fire, their efforts slowed its spread thus enabling officers to salvage some of their belongings.

The G4S crew also helped in the Nakumatt fire, only to be accused by the Mayor of ‘looking’ for recognition. Kudos, G4S, and keep up the good work.

{Collins Kiptoo, via e-mail}

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