Sanctity of title deeds must be respected

The controversy surrounding the Grogan plot dispute in Nairobi raises several serious issues that require careful consideration.

First is the sanctity of the title deed. Whether we like it or not, Jamia Mosque has proved it is the legal owner of the plot, which it acquired by following the laid down stipulations of the law.

If we allow the mechanics to deny the legal owners access to their land, we would be setting a dangerous precedent that will haunt us in future.

Imagine the chaos when a title deed is no longer respected and enforced by the Government.

If the plot in question was public land that had been grabbed by a greedy tycoon, the mechanics would be right to resist eviction.

Instead of allowing unnecessary confrontations, the Government should relocate the mechanics to an alternative piece of land where they can continue working.

Politicians should also be advised to stop issuing statements that may spark off more confrontations.