Franklin Bett: Speed up survey of land for IDPs

Roads minister Franklin Bett has called on the Ministry of Lands to speed up demarcation of land to enable 300 resettled families in Rongai rebuild their livelihoods.

 Addressing the Mau evictees resettled at Majani Mingi in Rongai, Bett faulted the Ministry of Lands for procrastinating, saying the displaced families would do the survey themselves if the delay continued. 

 The minister said there should be proper physical planning to ensure the necessary public utilities like schools, hospitals, roads among others are incorporated in the settlement scheme’s plan.

 He called on the Government to deal with IDPs fairly, impartially and equitably through the provision of the necessary human relief until they fully regain their lost livelihoods.   Bett cautioned those masquerading as IDPs saying the Government would only resettle persons whose names appear in official records.

 The minister said he would talk to the Lands ministry to allocate the IDPs land at once instead of in bits.

 This would be a big relief to the displaced families, who had earlier mooted the idea during an informal discussion with the minister, he added.

Assistant Minister for Energy Magerer Langat said that the Government would sink boreholes at the camp to ease the water crisis to curb the spread of waterborne diseases.

 Langat called on the ministry of Health to avail medicines especially antiretroviral for HIV infected persons to avoid a catastrophe.

 The Assistant Minister also asked the Department of Registration of Persons to move to the camp and issue identity cards and birth certificates to the Mau evictees.

 On the other hand, Home Affairs Assistant Minister Beatrice Kones lamented the suffering children and women were undergoing in the camp infested with mosquito bites.