Kenyan wins horse competition in Zimbabwe

By Oscar Pilipili

Karen Mousley won the Air Zimbabwe Knock out competition at the prestigious centennial show in Harare.

The speed competition was against 16 other riders and Mousley on a borrowed horse — Autum Edition— reigned supreme.

Mousley was a member of the Kenya show jumping team that competed at the event with: Anita Mills-Stanley, Judy Pelling and Ally Morrisby.

Pelling told FeverPitch in a statement there were riders from South Africa, Congo, Senegal, and Zimbabwe taking part.

In the team event Kenya finished fourth out of the five teams by a narrow margin.

The national team was sponsored by Belfast Millers in conjunction with Lens Feeds, Tack Rack Limited, Karen Provision Stores, Que Pasa and Karen chemist.

Pelling said: "All the four members of the Kenyan team competed on borrowed horses as it was not possible for them to take their own horses.

"Only Kenya and Senegal were on borrowed horses, so with this additional handicap , the Kenya team did very well, and they hope to travel back to this show next year," Pelling said.

The veteran jumper Pelling said Kenyans would do better in the next event if they find better horses.