Kalembe Ndile donates 2 acres of land to Julius Wambua, man fixed by wife in defilement case

Julius Wambua, man who was serving a life sentence after his daughter framed him in a rape case. [John Muia, Standard]

When Julius Wambua Musyoki left Kamiti Maximum Prison on December 16 after nearly a decade behind bars, he did not know where to begin.

Everything he left behind after his conviction had been taken away, as Wambua narrated to The Standard.

But over the last few days, not only has Wambua gained freedom, but also a new-found hope of rebuilding the life that was cruelly taken away from him, as donations from moved well-wishers stream in.

For several months, Kenyans have followed the shocking story of how Wambua’s then-wife set him up on claims that he sexually abused their then 16-year-old daughter Dorcas Mwende. However, Wambua’s now adult daughter set the ground for his release following her confession that her mother coached her to lie to send Wambua to prison.

The first to extend a kind gesture to Wambua was politician and former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile. On Monday, Ndile graciously offered Wambua two acres from his parcel of land in Kibwezi.

“I will give Wambua two acres of land and put up a decent house for him. I met him for the first time today and he accepted my offer and said he is ready to move in,” Ndile told Standard.

Ndile added that he was compelled to help Wambua because he has also experienced suffering and he did not want the freed man to start feeling bitter due to difficulties and frustrations he might run into as he adjusts to life outside prison.

Ndile also told Standard that although he plans to build Wambua a house through his construction company, he has received offers from other people to chip in, like a businessman dealing in glass supplies who has pledged to provide free glass and installation services for Wambua’s house.

Members of the United Kingdom branch of the Wiper Party also contributed funds to buy Wambua a motorbike, which was delivered to Wambua on Monday by the Wiper Party UK Secretary General Tom Musau.

“A members we contribute money to support different community projects aimed at improving the living standards of our fellow Kenyans. The story of Mr. Wambua was very touching and when I spoke to my colleagues in the UK they agreed it was a worthy cause that deserved our help,” Musau said.

Dorcas Mwende Wambua with Kenya National Commission on Human Rights lawyer Lillian Mbilo (left) at Machakos High Court. [John Muia, Standard]

Speaking to The Standard, an excited Wambua expressed optimism that the offers he received would help him get back on his feet.

He said that he was open to Ndile’s offer and any other offers that may come his way, since he is starting life afresh. “I am very grateful, because I have learnt that I am loved and there are people willing to help me through the problems I have experienced. I am also open to other offers, I have opened my heart,” said Wambua.

He added that he is in the process of setting up a paybill to allow well-wishers to send him donations more easily.

Wambua’s lawyer from the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Cyrus Maweu, told the Standard that the institution is offering him free legal assistance, as they wait to see whether the Director of Public Prosecutions will charge him and start a new trial, or whether Wambua will be released.

Maweu also said that they will scrutinize all offers to ensure they are genuine and that Wambua is granted legal ownership of any property he may receive.