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Yesu wa Tongaren gained more followers after arrest


If the arrest of Eliud Wekesa alias ‘Yesu wa Tongaren’ was meant to dissuade his faithful from going to his church, it has achieved the opposite.

Wekesa says the number of followers has gone up since he was released from police custody. Yesu wa Tongaren spent four nights at the Bungoma Police Station before he was released by a Bungoma court after the prosecution said they have no evidence against him. He was accused of radicalization, money laundering, and cult-teachings.

He was also accused of running a religious cult, purporting to be Jesus Christ, teaching radical ideologies to his followers at the New Jerusalem Church in Tongaren, Bungoma County.

Speaking in a local media station in Kakamega County, Wekesa said his church is experiencing a high turnout of worshippers who are coming for prayers and spiritual guidance. Wekesa said it is God’s work that he is experiencing positive change in his teachings.

“This is God’s work because he knows I was on the right side. I have never done anything wrong and I knew the persecution would come to an end,” said Wekesa.

The self-proclaimed Jesus said many people are visiting his church because the world has known that his teachings conform to the will of God. “This is God’s work, anything of God that appears as a joke before human beings is the real thing. Many people took me as a joker because of my teachings but God vindicated me. This is why I was released and people saw the truth in me, that is why many people from different places are visiting my place for spiritual guidance,” he said.

“I was arrested by police and that is their work, this is something that happened many years ago,” said Wekesa.

Wekesa said he lives a humble life unlike other men of God, and that he used to get Sh250 as tithe and a few onions and tomatoes.

“People have seen my simple life and that I am the real Jesus right now. Things have drastically changed and many people are coming for my teachings and gospel,” he said.

He told off critics who questioned why he sat with politicians in court.

“Those castigating me for interacting with politicians, I want to ask them if they are righteous why didn’t they visit me?” posed Wekesa.

“We are witnessing a repeat of what happened to me some 2,000 years ago. Wekesa said he did not engage a lawyer since his lawyers are the sun and moon. He described the presence of Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah in court as a godsend.

Wekesa added that he has no grudge against police officers, stating that they were simply doing their work. He thanked the police for treating him well while in custody where he was able to continue spreading God’s gospel.

“I was treated nicely, no harassment. I also received a warm welcome from the remandees most of whom embraced my teachings,” said Wekesa.

His wife, Nabii wa Benjamin, said that God had performed miracles after his arrest.

“We have seen many people coming to visit us and joining our church to get blessings and teachings, we welcome everyone,” she said.

“God knew that his son was in the right and stepped in and provided for the family, we never lacked until ‘Yesu’ was released.” 

Additionally, she said, people from different places across the country embraced the family.

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