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Man who accused wife of witchcraft dies mysteriously


Shock, grief and disbelief met the mysterious death of senior prosecutor Fredrick Ashimosi (pictured) , who appeared to have predicted his death as a result of his troubled marriage. Ashimosi’s partially decomposing body was found in his house on July 26. The Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions lived alone in Pioneer estate along Outering Road after deserting their six-bedroom matrimonial home in Diamond Park Estate. His death came just three days before judgement on a divorce case between him and his wife of 21 years.

The 47-year-old prosecutor had claimed in court papers that he had not known peace in his marriage, citing wrangles over claims of infidelity, witchcraft and devil worshipping.A police officer at Balozi Police Post, who sought anonymity, confirmed that Ashimosi and his wife had been interrogated twice over their constant fights.“The man and his wife had serious marital problems; theirs was not marriage but a union of convenience,” said the officer.

The prosecutor’s body was discovered on his bed on July 26, after his neighbours suspected something was wrong following a foul smell emanating from his house.Police broke into the house and found a jiko next to his body. According to Buruburu Sub-County Police Commander (SCPC) Francis Kamau, Ashimosi could have died two days earlier before his body was discovered.

“The scene was processed and the body taken to the morgue, our officers are now investigating the probable cause of death. The man could have inhaled carbon monoxide gas from the jiko,” said Kamau, adding that detectives will focus on carbon monoxide inhalation, suicide and natural causes as possible causes of death. In May, Ashimosi decided to bare it all on what was troubling his marriage in the bitter divorce proceedings with his wife. He accused his wife of being a witch and devil worshipper, who wanted to sacrifice him for material gain. He claimed that he deserted their matrimonial home after the wife allegedly unleashed majinis on him making him suffer from stroke.

“From the time she unleashed the majinis on me, I discovered that there were foreign elements in my body which were in spirit form and were pulling my legs, hands, mouth, neck, head, back, bones and other parts of the body with an intention of dismembering them,” he swore.

He stated that he had been posted to another station outside Nairobi in 2019, but when he was transferred back to the city in 2021, he discovered strange things. He claimed that the wife would lock herself up in a room, walk naked and enter the room in reverse. He stated that in November 2021, he intended to go and submit a loan application form for Sh10 million to build another house, but while sitting in his garden, he felt like a foreign body was moving in his body from head to toe. Alarmed by what was happening to him, he ran away to his rural home, where a village pastor disclosed to him that evil spirits in the form of majinis had been cast into his body by a person close to him.

“She is a devil worshiper. She worships a deity and is widely engaged in satanism and demonology. She rears evil, demonic and satanic spirits in the form of majinis in her room. She is a witch, who widely consults other witches all over the world,” said the prosecutor.

According to the couple, their 21-year marriage has been full of drama which made the woman flee with all household items, at some point. The wife accused him of assaulting her and said they had not had sex since 2016 despite sharing one roof.

Their differences got so bad that the couple told the court they had not spoken to each other since 2019, and that the only time they speak is when they quarrel and are ready for a fight. The wife, on the other hand, accused Ashimosi of being a womaniser with several side-chicks, whom he openly talks about and that he was a wife beater, who does not care about his family.

“In one instance, he knocked off my two teeth, but his mother’s quick intervention saved him from an assault case. “He is not bothered about my welfare and has openly told me that he has no feelings for me,” she said.

The fairytale marriage between the prosecutor and his lawyer wife started in 1999 when they met while she was a 19-year-old student at the University of Nairobi (UoN) and decided to settle in 2001 in a come-we-stay arrangement before their wedding in 2009. According to the woman, their marriage started hitting rocky waters in 2006, but she stayed on to save her family. However, in 2016 it became unbearable.

“He does not support the children, is cruel, and has been openly engaging in extramarital affairs with known and unknown persons some of whom he has been paying their rent and having children with,” she stated.

She added that the man deserted their matrimonial home in November last year only to resurface accompanied by a traditional healer, who he referred to as a seer on a cleansing mission to rid the house of her jinis. Ashimosi admitted that their marriage was beyond repair after discovering that his wife was a devil worshipper, who had planned to sacrifice him.

“Upon deep visionary prayers, I came to learn that she was a member of Illuminati and had erected an altar of Illuminati in her bedroom and offered me as a sacrifice,” he claimed.The prosecutor had handled several high-profile cases, including the Sh8 billion Karen land saga, in which former Lands Cabiet Secretary Charity Ngilu had been implicated. 

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