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Don't mistake a celebrity for a role model

 A father giving his daughter a high-five. (Courtesy)

Ever ask ourselves the kind of role models we have, we all do have role model unless you live in some kind of underworld and no one wants to talk about anything or anyone, underworld, but if we do live in a promising world like this, we do have role models. The question is, is your role model hammering you into that responsible person you want to be?

It never matters who we are, how to perfection we have grown, we all need that one person who can attract us to our greatness, someone whom you naturally find irresistible and watching them makes you feel like you are getting closer to your ideas.

Naturally human beings were made out of one another, God himself had to use that one rib to make another of its kind, I mean He could have just done it from dust any way! But He chose to use that one rib and created a woman out of. 

We all develop from one another. We need role models to look up to, or may be, be the role models because out there, there are people watching us day and night. How we walk to our jobs, drive our cars how we raise our kids, someone is examining our moves, it could even be our kids, looking up to us, we need to reflect back that positive image for the.

It's no longer a surprise that parents can turn out to be role model for their kids, when it happens, ask yourself, did I make it right!  Did I give the best of me? I want my kid to become a doctor, well, I might not be that doctor myself, but am I paving the way to that? Make them know what it calls for their dreams to come true.

But here you are, your ways are a bunch of endless confusion, no one understands you, not even your kids, very Unfortunate. Most people today want to be models and not role models, look at the thin difference. Role models makes goal for you and try to make you good as they are, you wonder how they never get tired of their relentless efforts to grow and make a brand name, how you love it.

I have no doubt in my mind that one of Africa’s iconic writers makes your role models, especially those in love with the art of writing, talk of the late Chinua Achebe.  Whatever we ever wish to be, the desire was driven by someone, that first female pilot to fly the dream liner, the neurosurgeon who successfully separate the conjoined twins at the head, the engineer who made the longest bridge in the world, all this great men and women makes us even desire to do greeter things. Fellows who are just selfless and spend their entire life reaching out to people, someone motivated them to that, it feels good just doing it.

One unforgivable mistake is misunderstanding every public figure for a role model, whoever told us that if someone comes on stage at night, three quarter naked and sing some nasty songs,  making some sexy moves is a role model is wrong.

We all need role models who bring out the true version of us, the version that carries itself with shoulders high not looking down upon itself keeping in mind that the journey is long, pretty rough but if they made it, I can and will. They had nothing special than I do now, some were not that privileged, the likes of Aliko Dangote, soft spoken richest man in the continent, Steve Jobe the co-founder of apple inc, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, this are some of the role models who believed in one thing, it’s possible. If you ever had a problem with finding a good role model, then make yourself one, be that good role model. 

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