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Elsa Majimbo: Produce a video of me saying I hate Kenya and get Sh150,000

 Elsa Majimbo [Instagram]

Content creator Elsa Majimbo has dared anyone who has a video of her saying she hates Kenya to come forth with the ‘evidence’.

Through her X account, Majimbo, who recently said she left Kenya due to colourism said she has never uttered those words and she never will.

“I will pay $1000 to anyone who can produce a video of me saying the words ‘I hate Kenya’. Everyone says I do when I don’t and have never said those words and I never will,” she wrote.

Majimbo currently resides in the US and has been vocal about the treatment she received in her home country.

She recently shed light on her decision to leave Kenya at the age of 19. The driving factor behind this move? Colourism.

In her TikTok video, Majimbo humorously mimicked the hurtful comments she faced growing up, including remarks like 'You are so dark' and mocking imitations of her skin tone. 

These experiences shaped her decision to break away, as she expressed, "I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality."

The comedienne, known for her boldness, then highlighted her unwavering focus on success, stating, "It’s not even about 'oh, I am a victim and all that… I am loyal about one thing - The bag." 

In a recent Instagram reel, Majimbo also addressed comments from the public about how "money has changed her."

She said she had been a victim of circumstances for a long time and she is glad she levelled up.

"I’ve seen a lot of comments on how money has changed me so much, and my response is, of course, it has. Are you joking? I was never humble. I was a victim of my circumstances. Do you know the difference? What happened to the old Elsa? She got her money up! My net worth went through the roof. That’s what happened to the old Elsa. I’m rich now."

Elsa, who is amongst the youngest people to be featured on Forbes, has achieved a lot by the age of 21 in her three-year content creation career that began with internet skits.

She reflected on her first viral video saying she had a feeling she would be a star.

 "I always knew I was destined for something great and amazing. I always knew I was a star. When my first video went viral, I wasn’t looking to get into entertainment or media. I just knew I never wanted to go back to school. This was a loophole, so I went with it."

Since the start of her skits, which have been featured on international platforms such as Comedy Central and the popular talk show "Steve on Watch" by Steve Harvey, she has partnered with brands such as Rihanna's Fenty, Beats By Dre, Bumble, Coke, and many others.

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