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Garden of Eden: Nairobi church where congregants worship naked


Detectives are trying to establish whether a church in Nairobi has been encouraging followers to engage in sex sessions.Sleuths swung into action following a tip-off about the bizarre happenings at a building in Uthiru where residents had initially thought it was a genuine church only to start doubting its teachings after it emerged it was a cultic organization promoting immorality.The church tucked between Uthiru Marigu-ini and Mabatini settlements came to the limelight after a Martha Mwihaki Hinga, a shadowy online whistle-blower, brought the matter to public attention.It is after Martha lifted the lid on activities that happen inside the church that locals started coming out to openly talk about the dark side of the church. That sex orgies choreographed as preaching sessions are the main activity at church whose real leader(s) remain mysterious.According to locals, a majority of the followers are the youth, adding that female members are usually skimpily dressed - a dress code that started arousing curiosity and raising eyebrows as well.

No problem with homosexuality

A source told The Nairobian that the pastor promotes the ideology that Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were naked and, therefore, nudity is Godly.Further, the brainwashed members are encouraged to eat all fruits in the Garden of Eden - a cleverly coined phrase to mean that they should have sex."The church rides on false doctrine pegged on the Garden of Eden biblical episode depicting Adam and Eve. The lead pastor teaches that no one is owned by anyone and, therefore, you can sleep with anyone in the church. They have no problem with lesbians or gays. This church should not only be closed but the followers hauled into court and charged," said the source.The Uthiru cult is suspected of having branches in Ruiru, Molo, and Ongata Rongai where members engage in sex orgies during their meetings.When the alarm was raised about the church's strange creed, officers based at Kabete Police Station conducted a raid and arrested six members who are facing terror-related charges though investigations are not complete after detectives requested for custodial sentence in order to complete the probe, which they told the court is complex.The suspects were first arraigned in a Kibra court before being transferred to the Kahawa court, which normally handles terror-related offenses.A follower of the shadowy Martha Hinga, who was a member of the cult, revealed to the blogger that indeed the church existed in the Uthiru area and went further to claim the members worship while naked.

"They say that they want to go back to the Garden of Eden where nothing was hidden, and there is no one's wife or husband. They say you can have sex with anyone including your own kids; its very appalling that they engage in sex openly and followers are meant to believe that marriages are made in hell," said the former member of the church. Another follower of Marthas page said that the church has indoctrinated many people by teaching false doctrines. "These followers are largely brainwashed; you can't convince them otherwise. They can't listen to you and they treat their lead pastor as god whose commands and thoughts are never challenged," commented the person on social media.

Fruits of wisdom

According to followers, the lead pastor teaches them that the fruits of the Garden of Eden represent human beings who are free to engage in unrestrained sex. "At a certain point during the service, members undress and start having sex. It is usually like a satanic movie," claimed a man privy to the happenings inside the church. The startling revelations come as the Shakahola saga continues to unfold. Already, 235 bodies of followers of Pastor Paul Makenzi have been retrieved from mass graves after the preacher allegedly told them to fast to death in order to meet Jesus Christ.Indoctrination has been largely used by terror groups as a way of teaching terrorist extremist ideologies that have resulted in many deaths, suicide, and senseless destruction of properties.

In 2016, the country was treated to yet another indoctrinated sect called House of Yahweh who dug bunkers in Kinangop after their leader told them that there will be a doomsday that will come with great tribulations.The worshipers dug tunnels and bunkers to escape the tribulations which never happened and this was treated as a case of indoctrination.

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