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Five meals you can prepare this coming Easter

 Easter is a time to share merry and food (Photo: Courtesy)

One thing I like about any holiday season is the food. Of course we don’t all celebrate every single holiday because of different beliefs but there’s no shame in spoiling yourself with food when you’re in the mood to.

The major holiday that people are looking at right now is Easter. For some people it’s a time for celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and that could be the reason why the holiday is meant to be enjoyed with a feast.

There are a couple of Easter themed recipes that people love to enjoy every year but, you might be interested in trying something new with these five suggestions:

 Cheesy spinach, ugali and chicken (Photo: Courtesy)
Cheesy spinach, ugali and chicken

Ugali and veggies is a common choice in many households. Most of the time you will find that the recipe is basically the same, only that you alternate the types of vegetables you choose. This time round, you can try something different and see if it works for you.

The twist is to add a touch of cheese to your spinach. You can steam your spinach first then fry onions and garlic in butter before finally adding your steamed spinach and cream cheese. Serve this with some chicken and ugali for a complete meal.

 Mushroom pasta (Photo: Courtesy)
Mushroom pasta

Pasta is one of those meals that can blend in with a variety of ingredients. You can try this meal idea by frying some sliced mushrooms and garlic in butter, while adding some seasoning if you like. You can also add some extra virgin olive oil along with the butter before frying the mushrooms.

Once your pasta is ready and the mushrooms are done, you can pour in the pasta into the pan where the mushrooms were frying and mix it all together. Add some cheese into the mix for a creamier texture.

 Beef and broccoli stir-fry (Photo: Courtesy)
Beef and broccoli stir-fry

This is a basic but tasty recipe that you can include in your menu. What will make this tastier is the right sauce. You can try some soy sauce, oyster sauce or any other type of sauce that might bring out the flavors you like.

Start by frying the broccoli for about four minutes before adding in some garlic and ginger. Next, fry your beef and when it’s ready, add your broccoli and sauce then let the mixture cook properly before removing. This stir-fry will taste great with some rice.

 Baked fillet and coconut rice (Photo: Courtesy)
Baked fillet and coconut rice

For this recipe you will need fillet, some spices, coconut milk and rice. All you need to do is lay your fish on a greased baking tray, sprinkle some spices or marinade and let it bake until it’s evenly ready.

You can prepare your coconut rice meanwhile then when everything is ready, serve with salad, vegetables or fresh homemade sauce in case it’s too dry.

 Fruity chicken salad and fries (Photo: Courtesy)
Fruity chicken salad and fries

The best chicken for this recipe is the breast. You can marinade and bake, boil or fry your chicken then chop into smaller cubes.

Next, chop some canned or fresh pineapples, tomatoes and red onions then mix with some seasoning. You can then pour in a mixture of mayonnaise and lime juice and finish by adding the chicken.

Serve with plain or seasoned fries, and avocado. Yum!

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