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Bernice: Bold and beautiful is my mantra

Fashion and Beauty
 Bold and beautiful is my mantra (Photo: iStock)

Bernice Nunah is a top runway and commercial model who has graced billboards and television screens, besides emerging top in the Miss World Kenya beauty pageant.

Share with us your modelling journey.

My interest started when I was 10. I would watch all the international pageants. My first modelling attempt was at 18 when I was crowned Miss RCTFL, at the college where I was pursuing a certificate in Air travel and Chinese language.

That was before joining USIU, right?

Yes. I started working with different professional photographers and designers; I contested again in my third year for Miss USIU and I was a top finalist. After this, I was signed by a renowned modelling agency and I started doing TV commercials, billboards and magazines as well as respectable runway shows. I later contested for the Miss World Kenya crown, 2019-2021, and became the second runner-up. Since then, I have been working as a model with top fashion houses and brands, both local and international.

 How do you describe your fashion sense?

Timeless, simple and elegant. Those are my guidelines when I am shopping as well as choosing my outfit for the day.

 Did you always want to be on the runway?

I have a degree in International Relations (Diplomacy and Foreign Policy major) and I am also a certified Professional Mediator. I practised in this field for a while, but modelling stole my heart.

 What are some of your memorable moments in the modelling world?

Being crowned Miss RCTFL at 18 was special, coming second in the Miss World Kenya as well as being on over 20 TVCs and billboards and being voted the biggest content creators team overseas on Chinese TikTok (Douyin) stand out for me.

 Which do you care about more; fashion or your style?

Style. Fashion trends come and go, but your style is your identity. It speaks volumes about your personality.

 How do you make your choice of colour when stepping out?

My mood. You can easily tell where I am mentally simply by the colour I am wearing that day. I wear bright colours on my jovial days and sometimes to uplift my spirits and dull colours when I am not feeling it at all.

 Have you always been conscious about your dressing?

I have always loved dressing up. This I picked up from my mother growing up. She has always been a fashion icon. I admire her style. I am a pear-shaped endomorph and I have learnt to embrace my feminine curves over the years by choosing clothes that balance out my body while still flattering my shape. I often have to buy clothes in different sizes or have them tailor-resized.

 What are your golden rules when it comes to the modelling industry?

Self-confidence is crucial. Stay humble and take every day as a learning opportunity. Change is inevitable so learn to embrace it because fear is not real. Always stay grounded and true to yourself and your beliefs. Always know that nobody can be you and that is your superpower.

 Whose wardrobe would you steal and why?

Kate Actress’s couture wardrobe. All her couture pieces give elegance and sophistication while expressing the beauty of the modern-day African woman.

What is your fashion rule?

Life is not perfect, but my outfit must be.

 What is the one thing you would never leave the house without?

A purse, and one that goes well with my outfit. I believe a lady should always carry one for style and functionality.

 What are you pursuing right now?

I am a full-time luxury lifestyle, fashion and travel content creator and model. I love curating educative and entertaining content for different brands as well as for social interaction. I am also the founder of KhitaKhini & KhitaSport, a luxury swimwear and active-wear fashion brand that helps women build, enhance and express their confidence through fashion.

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