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Vinc on The Beat: I got robbed by my fellow artistes


Vinc On The Beat is a young, enthusiastic, and hardworking music producer known for his unique music creation with top-notch production.

That’s what sets him apart from other producers. “My passion for music started way back in primary school and I knew that someday, I’d be a musician; l could tell this by how I used to gather my peers and beatbox for them as they rap. In high school, I got a clear picture of what I wanted to become,” Vinc narrates his musical journey.

Since fully immersing himself in the industry, he has grown to work with many household names.

His work speaks for itself. On the flip side, Vinc has an interesting story that highlights the challenges and risks faced by producers. Although not new in Nairobi then, Vinc found himself in a rather unfortunate situation.

As he was preparing to work with a group of talented artistes, he unexpectedly became a victim of theft at their hands. This incident sheds light on the darker side of the music industry and serves as a cautionary tale for both aspiring producers and artists alike.

“This was barely two years ago and a burgeoning group from Eastlands were at their peak,” he explains.

Vince, through his connections in the industry, got a call stating that the new kids on the block wanted to hire his services. “This was probably one of the worst experiences I ever had in the industry. Although I won’t mention names, these guys were big at the time and I honoured their call,” he says.

“I got a call from some guy who had a studio and I prepared myself to go all the way to Lucky Summer. I reached this particular bridge where one had to illegally pay for you to cross. I innocently paid, but push came to shove when the boys manning the bridge accosted me. They mishandled me and beat me up, took my hard disk amongst many other valuables,” he narrates.

This is where it gets interesting, Once he was left free, Vinc proceeded to the said studio. "I was shocked that the same boys who beat me up and took my stuff were the same people I was supposed to record with. I did it silently and went my way. The song is a hit song to date,” he recalls.

He said he has worked with a couple of arrogant artistes but his decade-plus experience in production has taught him a thing or two.

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