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XLVI K: I was blindly sold a cellphone full of mud


Encountering a person with a masked identity bearing Roman numerals as a name on a daily basis is not something normal, but XLVI K (46 K) is an exception.

“This might sound unusual, but one night while I was asleep, I had a vision in which God revealed to me that my name is 46.

“When I woke up, I shared this divine revelation with my wife and decided to change my name to 46. The name symbolizes my origins, signifying where I was born, and my new life in salvation. ‘46’ represents the code for Kawangware, the place of my birth, and ‘K’ signifies the Kingdom of God.

“Combining the two elements, I adopted the name 46 K, which encapsulates both my past and present,” he says.

XLVI is the Roman numeral equivalent of 46. Therefore, XLVI K’s name is simply 46K.

46K is a born-again Christian drill rapper and financial engineer who has released two EPs and authored two books. Currently, he is working on an album. His music has received widespread acclaim, earning him a prominent position in the gospel music scene.

Despite being born and raised in Kawangware, 46K says going to the CBD feels like a whole new experience.

At some point, he found himself in need of a new phone, and he, along with a friend, believed they were savvy enough to avoid going to an authorized dealer.

“Instead of going to a shop, we encountered a guy on the streets selling an amazing Samsung phone. We negotiated a price and even examined its features. However, as we were about to make the exchange, he suggested that we move a little since he spotted a city council cop approaching. We complied and walked along the street. Suddenly, he quickly handed us the phone, took the money, and swiftly crossed the road,” he says.

46K and his friend walked home feeling content with their purchase.

“When we attempted to switch on the phone and insert my SIM card, we were shocked to discover that the guy had swiftly replaced the real phone with a casing filled with mud,” he says.

Since that incident, he admits to developing trust issues and has never bought a second-hand phone again. “I learned to avoid shortcuts.”


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