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Grace Wacuka: I was forced to foot a bill after a date went wrong

Grace Wacuka is a musician and an actor currently starring as the lead in the romantic comedy 'Married to Work' on Netflix, and a lead on 'Single Kiasi'.

She just released her tune 'Black N' Beautiful' with Spizzo, following an E.P release in 2020, a number of singles and a Broadway-inspired love song, 'Roses Are Dead' that was released last year.

'Black N' Beautiful' is an English/Swahili song that was written during the George Floyd protests of 2020. It honors black pride and African identity while criticising white supremacy, hypocritical religion, and people who despise dark skin.

While Grace has travelled far and wide, she shares that at some point, her love life didn't go as per the rules.

"I had been talking to this guy for a couple of months and I figured that the relationship wasn't fit for us. I tried telling him but he was never getting the hint," she says.

This not-so-romantic guy eventually planned a date, after telling her not to discuss important issues on the phone or text. Grace's only strategy was to tell him straightaway that their relationship was not going to work out, but in person.

"I broke the news when I arrived at the restaurant, and that is when things quickly became worse," Grace says. He yelled, "What are we doing here?!"

Grace then admitted, "You told me not to call," He then switched tactics and threw his hands in the air.

"Waiter, waiter! Split the bill! Split the bill! The wine, the lasagna, everything!"

"Luckily enough, I had asked my friend to tag along just in case things went south and she was seated somewhere in the restaurant. That was the first time I ever broke up with a dude in a restaurant and I would never do that again," she says.

All said and done, Grace's career path has been on a steady rise as she received full scholarships to study in the United States.

There, she attended Columbia University for one year in the Masters in Acting program, on full scholarship, before leaving. Before that she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre-Acting at Smith College in Massachusetts where she also studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, NYU- Stonestreet in 2018, to name a few places.

Her film, A New Christmas, shot in New York, in which she played a lead, is available on Showmax and Amazon. Follow her on @iamwacuka on all social media platforms, to receive updates on future music and film releases.

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