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China's global development spending


China’s spending on global development projects is approaching $1 trillion since the turn of the century, making Beijing one of the world’s most sought-after financiers. Over an 18-year-period beginning in 2000, China spent at least $843 billion on more than 13,000 projects across 165 countries, according to a database by the AidData research lab at William & Mary, a public university in Virginia.

The AidData research aims to shed light on China’s often opaque grant giving and lending activities in low- and middle-income countries. The data shows China significantly increased its spending on international development projects since launching its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, and until commitment year 2017, outspent the United States and other major powers by a scale of 2-1 or more.

Instructions: Explore the data by clicking on any link or country on the map. Scroll down to see the projects sorted by sector and year. Click on any year to find detailed profiles of all projects.


Asia (2,801 Projects): $245,666,000,000

Africa (5,152): $207,386,000,000

Americas (1,284): $192,142,000,000

Europe (521): $150,232,000,000

Middle East (340): $36,231,000,000

Oceania (726): $11,136,000,000

Multi-Region (25): $100,000,000

China’s development spending by sector

Projects are classified according to their primary focus.

Industry, Mining and Construction (547 Projects): $254,249,000,000

Energy (867): $209,648,000,000

Transport and Storage (1,003): $122,390,000,000

Other Multisector (194): $80,883,000,000

Communications (492): $40,981,000,000

Budget Support (49): $26,473,000,000

Social Infrastructure (749): $20,145,000,000

Action Relating to Debt (226): $19,763,000,000

Banking and Financial Services (103): $13,323,000,000

Water Supply and Sanitation (263): $10,823,000,000

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (601): $8,207,000,000

Government and Civil Society (1,257): $7,270,000,000

Trade Policies and Regulations (89): $6,741,000,000

Health (1,448): $5,644,000,000

Education (1,691): $4,887,000,000

Business and Other Services (75): $3,948,000,000

Unallocated/Unspecified (71): $2,887,000,000

Commodity Assistance (34): $1,687,000,000

Emergency Response (843): $1,624,000,000

Food Aid Assistance (146): $1,013,000,000

Environmental Protection (61): $173,000,000

Reconstruction Relief (25): $125,000,000

Disaster Preparedness (8): $11,000,000

Population Programs and Reproductive Health (7): $2,000,000

All U.S. dollar amounts in the database are listed in inflation-adjusted 2017 values so that projects can be compared over time. Dollars are rounded to the nearest million.

Projects are classified according to their primary focus. Sector categories are based on a classification system from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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