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Why you are pulled into a workplace affair

 Somehow it seems like there is a whole lot of loving going on where I work, and I am not sure how I feel about it! [Courtesy, Freepik]

Hi Chris,

Is it just me, or are we women getting more and more like men? Somehow it seems like there is a whole lot of loving going on where I work, and I am not sure how I feel about it!Or Is It Just Me?

Hi Or Is It Just Me?

You are right, that is exactly what is happening. All over the world people are marrying later, putting more into their careers and living for the moment. Which means we are spending a greater proportion of our lives single and childless.

With few responsibilities and plenty of money to spend. And because young people cannot imagine anything bad ever happening to them, their approach towards having a good time often involves indulging in risky behaviours, such as heavy drinking, and everything from scary sports to promiscuity.

Especially groups who work together in high-stress occupations. Because working long hours under lots of pressure tends to make people feel romantic towards one another. It happens everywhere, even in organisations that disapprove quite strongly. But why are office romances so common, especially where people are under pressure?

Well, when you are around someone a lot, they feel familiar and safe. And because organisations choose employees to fit into the corporate culture, they have similar attitudes, values, education and income, so they are easy to date.

And where the work is exciting and challenging, the adrenaline flows, which triggers erotic feelings. Especially where men and women spend long hours together and are endlessly struggling to meet scary deadlines. Like trial lawyers, hospitals and the media.

The stress bonds people together, and because we spend so many hours in the office, it is hard to meet other people. So it is no wonder we fall for each other at work.

This means that romance on the job has become a normal feature of modern life for young people. Later of course, as everyone gets older, starts families and begins to take a longer-term view of life, they gradually become more traditional, less promiscuous and more ‘responsible.’ So just enjoy it all while you are young!

All the best,



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