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Mercy Kyallo's Manhattan style apartment in the city

 Mercy Kyallo’s Manhattan style apartment in the city [Courtesy, Art of Living, KTN Home]

Mercy Kyallo is the CEO of Yallo Designs, a TV reality star, and social media sensation celebrated for her artistic flair.

Her passion for art is beautifully translated into vintage, luxurious bag designs that embody her love for texture and fashion. A genuine reflection of her elegant and classy persona, she seamlessly merges creativity with her brand.

Not long ago, she made a significant move from her enchanting country home in Tigoni to the bustling Nairobi suburbs.

 Mercy Kyallo [ Courtesy, Art of Living, KTN Home]

As she welcomed me into her new home, I couldn’t help, but be captivated by the transformation. The change from the quiet and serene countryside to a stylish apartment in the heart of the city seemed like a bold and exciting shift.

Mercy’s home exudes a Manhattan condo aesthetic — neat as a pin with carefully selected furniture and accessories that mirror her artistic and creative taste.

The expansive windows not only flood the space with light, but also provide a breathtaking view of the city.

 Not long ago, she made a significant move from her enchanting country home in Tigoni to the bustling Nairobi suburbs [Courtesy, Art of Living, KTN Home]

During the tour of her home, one particular piece caught my attention — the classic glass table adorned with a tree trunk. A true masterpiece, this coffee table with a touch of Kenyan history coffee table books is a conversation starter.

Mercy and her better half share a profound passion for history, a sentiment that echoes throughout their home.

The shelves, rather than conforming to a typical bookshelf arrangement, cleverly integrate books into various parts of the house. Each book becomes a piece of decor, a nod to the rich tapestry of stories that have shaped our world.

 As you traverse through their home, history reveals itself  through the carefully selected furniture [Courtesy, Art of Living, KTN Home]

As you traverse through their home, history reveals itself not only through the carefully selected furniture, but also in the strategically placed volumes. These books find their home on tables, consoles, and even in unexpected nooks, offering a unique and immersive experience for anyone exploring the space.

Their decision to forego the conventional bookshelf is a deliberate choice, adding to the charm of the home.

Her green velvet sofa chairs, a nod to the style of the ‘60s, reflects Mercy’s unique taste.

Instead of settling for modern designs, she delved into the past, researching and instructing a carpenter to custom-make seats that were both luxurious and nostalgic. The result was a set of sofas that not only look exquisite but also showcase the meticulous craftsmanship of local artisans.

Handcrafted carpets cover the wooden floors, each telling a story, including one made by women in Korogocho.

 Mercy’s commitment to supporting local artisans adds a layer of authenticity to her home [Courtesy, Art of Living, KTN Home]

Mercy’s commitment to supporting local artisans adds a layer of authenticity to her home. Exquisite and unique mirrors collected passionately, adorn the walls, creating an illusion of space and bouncing back the carefully curated décor.

The open kitchen, designed for modern convenience, allows Mercy to cook and entertain seamlessly.

The presence of lush potted plants in both Mercy’s balcony and living room extends beyond mere decoration; it encapsulates a philosophy of living in harmony with nature.

The infectious vibrancy they bring to the space is palpable, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere throughout her home.

A delightful discovery unfolded when I realised that a plant I had given her many years ago still thrived under her care. The sight of the plant, fresh and healthy, mirrored the genuine care and attention Mercy dedicates to her green oasis.

As I explored the balcony and living room, it became evident that each plant was not just an element of décor, but a living expression of Mercy’s connection to nature.

 Handcrafted carpets cover the wooden floors, each telling a story, including one made by women in Korogocho [Courtesy, Art of Living, KTN Home]

It’s a reminder that amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, a touch of greenery can cultivate an environment that not only appeals to the eyes, but also rejuvenates the soul.

The mix of modern and rustic furniture, including a cherished rustic bench from her previous home in Tigoni, gave Mercy’s apartment a unique soul and an eclectic charm.

The lantern lamps, carefully transported from Mercy’s country home in Tigoni, bring an unexpected authenticity to her new dwelling. Despite the modern setting, these rustic touches played a pivotal role in shaping the character and personality of her space.

The gypsum ceiling, adorned with intricate details, bring a touch of sophistication to the home. It serves as a canvas for subtle elegance, seamlessly merging with the contemporary elements of the apartment.

The lantern lamps, reminiscent of the countryside, cast a warm and inviting glow, contributing to a cosy and welcoming ambience.

Each of the four bedrooms in the apartment has its own curated look and feel, with a personal favourite being Mercy’s podcast room — a haven for her show, Pillow Talk with Mercy Kyallo.

The room exudes warmth with a rustic bed, cosy pillows, and floral bed cover, reflecting both comfort and style.

In her master bedroom, a rustic and handmade bed from Lamu steals the spotlight. The room’s lighting and a darts board on the wall, a playful addition, added a touch of relaxation and fun.

Mercy chuckled as she revealed that the darts board had become a quirky way for her and her spouse to decide on who would do the household chores. The loser ends up doing all the chores in the house.

Despite the urban allure, Mercy plans on eventually selling the apartment and returning to the countryside, particularly Tigoni, where her heart truly lies. Aiming to invest further, she envisions opening a décor store, teasing us with the anticipation of the unique treasures it will house.

The why move to the city? Mercy says her better half played a persuasive role in the decision, and after careful consideration, she obliged.

Recently engaged and married in a private ceremony, Mercy and her spouse plan to return to Tigoni and settle there, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

As we congratulate the newly married couple, we eagerly await the unfolding of Mercy Kyallo’s journey, both in her personal life and her endeavours in décor and her business. Watch this space for the exciting treasures she plans to unveil.

- Watch this episode on KTN Art of Living YouTube channel and for more inspiration, watch ‘Art Of Living’ every Thursday at 8pm on KTN Home.


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