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Art of Living: A charming country home in Limuru

 Collaborating with his mother, they transformed their Limuru country home into a stunning masterpiece [Courtesy, Art of Living]

Jazanni Minae exudes a relaxed and business-savvy demeanour that conceals his passion for art and architecture. While his formal education lies in Economics, his true love lies in the realms of art and architecture.

Collaborating with his mother, they transformed their Limuru country home into a stunning masterpiece, reflecting their shared appreciation for creativity.

Purchased two decades ago from a Norwegian family, the property, originally featuring four bedrooms, has evolved into a seven-bedroom sanctuary on a 5.5-acre expanse.

Jazanni’s environmentally conscious mother strategically planted trees and edible plants, creating not only a visually appealing landscape but also a lucrative investment.

The entrance to the house boasts a magnificent driveway, lined with trees and flowers, accompanied by the soothing sounds of chirping birds.

This natural spectacle instantly transports visitors to a realm of tranquillity, providing a brief respite from worldly concerns.

During a tour of the impressive gardens, Jazanni proudly pointed out a pine tree from Norway, a unique specimen flourishing in Kenya.

“Upon returning from the United States of America after my studies, I used to sit in this garden and reflect, this place was a canvas for my self-discovery and creative expression. It gave me the liberty to express and actualize my dreams and vision,” explained Jazzani

The well-manicured grounds exude serenity, complemented by the vintage touch of his grandfather’s 1950s Morris Minor parked at the porch.

Entering the house reveals a space infused with character and stories.

The combination of Oakwood floors and cream walls serves as an ideal backdrop for an array of exquisite art pieces.

 Entering the house reveals a space infused with character and stories [Courtesy, Art of Living]

The corridor leading to the bedrooms showcases some exotic artworks, each contributing to the narrative of Jazanni’s creative journey.

Jazanni, an aficionado of abstract painting, said music, especially genres like jazz, and artistes like Jay Z, fuels his creative process.

A statement art piece by artist friend Seba Wali, displayed next to the fireplace, was truly dazzling. The artwork featured vibrant colours, intriguing textures, and a distinctive character. The enigmatic eyes on the piece added an element of mystery and captivation.

The focal point of the stone wall design exuded a heart-warming ambiance that caught my attention.

 The artwork featured vibrant colours, intriguing textures, and a distinctive character [Courtesy, Art of Living]

What particularly stood out was a 3D hand-painted painting by the renowned Malawian artist, Chiromo, prominently displayed on the focal stone wall.

The masterpiece had been intricately woven into a stunning work of art with cloth, showcasing the incredible skill and creativity of Chiromo. The sheer brilliance of how the artist crafted this piece was truly mind-blowing

“This piece holds special significance for me, particularly because it was one of his final artworks created just two years before he passed away,” said Jazzani.

 Each room in the house has a distinct character [Courtesy, Art of Living]

Mr Jazanni played a significant role in the home’s design, while his mother nurtured his passion for art. The interior, adorned with white and beige striped sink-in sofas and eclectic floral wing chairs, exuded comfort and luxury.

Adjacent to the expansive window was a vibrant red, luxurious sofa that infused the living room with a delightful pop of colour. Its presence felt spontaneous yet wonderfully eclectic.

 Jazanni’s mother, credited for selecting the furniture, instilled in him an appreciation for unique, classy pieces that offer both style and comfort.

Antique items inherited from Jazanni’s grandfather found a place in a display glass cabinet, showcasing the family’s rich history. The cabinet houses treasures such as an antique music recorder, an antique radio, and a vintage video player.

Each room in the house has a distinct character; a personal favourite being the guest room adorned with a Lamu bed, antique furniture, and a vibrant orange accent wall.

 The house stands as a testament to the intersection of passion, creativity, and family legacy [Courtesy, Art of Living]

The house was later transformed into a guest house, a venture initiated by Jazanni’s mother as part of her retirement plan.

Jazanni plans to resume his sports podcast, sessions called Benchwarmers with his buddy Lavin Asego former national footballer.

The house stands as a testament to the intersection of passion, creativity, and family legacy.

- Watch this inspirational episode on KTN YouTube channel. KTN Art of Living Show New season will premiere on Thursday January 18 at 8.30pm on KTN Home stay tuned!


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